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JPEG defenders try to block the patent claims

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Jul 2002 15:44 User comments (1)

As an update to the JPEG story from last week, where American company called Forgent Networks announced that it owns core patents that cover JPEG picture compression technology and wanted companies who use its technology, to pay licensing fees.
Anyway, The Reg has an excellent coverage of this topic. Basically the latest stuff includes the fact that Forgent has already at least one licensee, Sony Corp, who has paid $15M in licensing fees to Forgent.

JPEG committee who develops JPEG standard and the new JBIG standard, is calling people to provide evidence of prior art to the patent claims. If there are existing evidences that the technology Forgent has patented, has been used before their patent application, it renders the patent worthless.

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123.7.2002 5:39

One would like to think that Sony, with it's almost-incalculable financial clout and technical expertise, would have thoroughly examined all relevant documents before coughing up 15 big ones. Since they *have* paid the devil, it kinda makes me think that maybe the patent(s) is/are going to stick, whether they're vaild or not. But of course, a talented, well-paid pool of patent attourneys can logically "prove" that the 10 Commandments *were* in fact written by Apostle Paul, and not Moses.

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