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RIAA puts legal pressure on Verizon

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2002 13:26 User comments (2)

RIAA has asked federal judge to order Verizon Communications to reveal the name of its customer who, RIAA says, has traded copyrighted MP3 files using P2P networks. Verizon hasn't complied yet, because this is first time ever that RIAA uses DMCA law to squeeze individual P2P users' names from ISP.
Normally, DMCA requires ISP to reveal its customers' names if they store illegal material on ISP's servers, but as this case is somewhat different -- user used his own computer to connect P2P network -- Verizon has decided to play it safe, so it doesn't get sued by the customer.

Even RIAA seems to understand -- according to their staff, they think that Verizon is more than willing to hand out the name, but they simply want to do it through the court so that they don't get into nasty legal trouble with their customers. And obviously, its bad press to comply something like this without pushing it little bit further in the legal system.

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2 user comments

121.8.2002 20:08

Well, if Verizon Communications starts handing over the names & identities of it's paid user base, just because the RIAA says so, and that news gets out (and it certainly will), Verizon stands to lose a LOT of business, and acquire a *real* bad name too. The RIAA is a fish out of water. It's snorkling for air, gasping, clutching, going loopy, kissing & bribing the legal system's ass.....etc. Can't wait for news of their *next* bonehead move !!! "How _low_ can you go? Limbo _low_" <heehee> - K.A. -

222.8.2002 10:57

I get so pissed when I hear this shit. I though we lived in a free country and this is what we get! They create CD burners, DVD burners, DV and audio creating and editing software, MP3 players, and p2p servers for individuals to download MP3s. It's like look but, don't touch! Touch but, don't taste etc! We are the consumers in which we make the specific entertainers very wealthy. So now we have to be watched over like were little children because of the DMCA law. If Verizon gets bullied into giving up a name and they give in then Verizon deserves the bad business because if they give up one name then they will give up another. If possible every consumer can boycott the RIAA into some form of submission since they think that they can bully around the general population. With great power comes great responsibility and in this country the power belongs to the people. I don't think that all people who represent a free world will keep looking pass this bullshit from the RIAA and the RIaa thinking that we will not retaliate in some way shape or form over what people have the right to do. Want something to copyright. Copyright my ass...and then after that the RIAA can kiss it as well!!!

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