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High-Definition DVD: One Format Only! -campaign

Written by Jari Ketola @ 17 Sep 2002 6:37 User comments (1)

There's an on-going campaign for a single HD-DVD format at There are currently four candidate specifications for the HD-DVD format. Obviously it would be very inconvenient for us, the consumers, if there was more than one HD-DVD standard around. Remember VHS and Betamax (and the fact that the inferior standard, VHS, came out as the winner).
The purpose of the HD-DVD: One Format Only! Campaign is to convey what we believe is a very important message, on behalf of DVD consumers everywhere, to the Hollywood movie studios, the consumer electronics manufacturers and all the members of the DVD Forum. That message is simple:

We believe that in order for any high-definition video disc format to be successful, all of the various parties involved MUST agree upon a SINGLE, unified format before making any such format available to consumers.

Check out their site at:

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1 user comment

117.9.2002 21:59

I don't know what everyone is so paranoid about. I wouldn't be appealing to .."the Hollywood movie studios" for anything. I have no admiration for them (aka MPAA) *at all*. Don't worry, they *always* smarten up when there's Big Bucks to be made. It's the only language they speak or understand. Multiple standards will screw their potential profits, so you can be damned sure they'll be spitting out a universal standard as soon as it becomes lucrative. -- Mike --

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