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Chinese manufacturers agreed to pay DVD licensing fees

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Sep 2002 9:15 User comments (1)

According to Philips, several Chinese DVD player manufacturers have agreed to pay licensing fees for DVD technology that they've previously refused to do.
Based on the press release, Sony and Philips, the main patent holders, also had to bow a little bit in order to get the manufacturers to agree on their rules. All DVD players that are manufactured and sold inside China and exempted from licensing fees until end of this year. Also all manufacturers who join now, can also apply to a "DVD Player Compliance Reward Program" that reduces the licensing fees from $5.00 per player to $3.50 per player.

Source: Philips

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1 user comment

117.9.2002 22:09

Damned fools. Very dissapointing news, this, even though I don't live anywhere near China. If I did, I'd never favour those players with the bonafide 'DVD' logo, and would support only those manufacturers who still had the sense to independently stand their ground. I'd even pay a *premium* to those manufacturers who weren't stupid enough to succumb to these trite offerings, just for the priviledge of owning a machine made by people who still have a few ba##s. -- Mike --

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