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Pioneer warns about overheating problems with its DVD-R drives

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Sep 2002 12:15 User comments (7)

DVD writer marketleader Pioneer announced a warning about its drives over-heating problems. Some of us -- including myself -- have experienced these problems already, but now Pioneer itself has admitted the problems and has also released a fix to these problems.
Fix is merely a firmware upgrade that prevents DVD-R drives to overheat when burning a high-speed media, including 2x and 4x discs. Drives that are effected:

Pioneer DVR-104 and DVR-A04
Pioneer DVR-103 and DVR-A03
Pioneer DVR-7000 (pro drive)
Pioneer PRV-9000 (pro drive)

And just to clarify; Mac's "SuperDrive"s are either Pioneer A03 or Pioneer A04 models.

Pioneer announcement and firmware patch

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7 user comments

118.9.2002 8:17

Did anyone notice that the article mentioned 4X DVD-R Burn? I have a DVR-A04 and I searched everywhere for specs mentioning 4X DVD burning for this drive with no luck. Is there any place/section that list updated specs for these drives? -Cappy

218.9.2002 12:12

That will come to A05.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

319.9.2002 14:59

I haven't had any problems with my Pioneer DVR104 as of yet , I'll keep you posted on that though. Having problems getting Nero to find .bup files (all .vob files are there) from Smartripper 2.41 rip so still getting used to having the hardware ! Not f***ing good hearing about Pioneer admitting there IS definitely this problem.. Peace out all

424.9.2002 2:24

I found the firmware update for all Pioneer DVD-R (RW's) here ; [] Had previously tried to get the update from pioneerelectronics.usa but their website is not showing the updates it says you need to burn with high speed media ! Hope someone finds this useful...

52.10.2002 11:34

i have the 104 i upgraded the firmware and it done it no probs but after rebooting my system xp pro it said found new hardware and now my 104 is reconised as a normal cd drive and not a dvd drive havent tryed to load any dvds yet dont know if its going to give me any probs but will keep ya posted p.s i find afterdaws web site very informative and well constructed and there news mails are the only ones i bother to read well done and keep up the good work

617.10.2002 9:59

I haven't had any problems with my 104 but downloading update anyway. Better safe... Thanks for the info;)

717.10.2002 11:36

If you are in the U.S.A the link is HOWEVER, after spending 20 min on hold with Pioneer support I learned that if your Pioneer DVD-RW came with your xyz brand pc, then Pioneer's download won't work. You'll need to download it from your pc manufactures support site. If anyone else has a VAIO the link is and the download takes three times as long, NICE.

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