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Warner to sell online music downloads through RioPort

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Sep 2002 6:55 User comments (3)

Warner Music Group (WMG) and RioPort today announced that Warner Music Group will make available for sale, via RioPort's digital distribution infrastructure, more than 30,000 music singles to consumers. The downloaded music can be played on PCs, burned to CDs or transfered to secure portable devices. The prices will start from 99 cents per song, and be distributed using RioPorts service by numerous retailers, such as and Musicland Group, as well as, and
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3 user comments

123.9.2002 9:32

I dunno if thats really a good idea when people can get music for free anyway.

223.9.2002 9:59

It's a good idea, IF the music files are in a totally, u-n-r-e-s-t-r-i-c-t-e-d format (.ogg, .mp3, etc), the files themselves are in HIGH quality, and the selection is varied enough. I'll go read the article now. If they're going to be in wma format, I don't want 'em. (Hope they'll include some older, out-of-print items, and full albums). -- Mike --

323.9.2002 10:10

(Ok, I just read the Yahoo article)..... As usual, all I see is a great bunch of optimistic 'fluff', a lot of promises and pleasant worditry for the public. (it's a little 'hypey'), but potentially good if it materializes. And as well, (as usual), no mention is given as to what file format will be used. (it figures). It will be in Warner Brother's interest to offer a couple of totally FREE sample tracks downloadable by consumers, so that they can judge for themselves if the files are indeed restriction-free, and VERY IMPORTANTLY to see how high (or low) the quality will be. * Audible artefacts are OUT. * Low bit-rate stuff is OUT. * Poor rips/encoding/transferring (stuttering, skipping, incomplete tracks) are OUT. (etc etc) Hi Della! How are you?? (Mike, Canada)

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