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Malaysian artists: "Whip pirates!"

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2002 15:22 User comments (10)

Group represeting Malaysian artists, Karyawan, has asked Malaysian government to introduce mandatory whipping and jail terms for VCD and audio CD pirates.
According to the group, current legislation and present punishment levels haven't had enough effect on piracy -- Malaysia is one of the top countries in terms of software, audio and video piracy in the world.

"Malaysia must take the cue from Singapore (which has introduced mandatory jail terms) which has practically eradicated trading in pirated VCDs and CDs as a deterrent to the pirates.", the group said.

Source: TheStar

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10 user comments

123.9.2002 22:16

Yeah, this whipping stuff (public flogging) is nothing new, and a bit barbaric. I few years ago I recall some guy (an American I believe) who was caught spray-painting cars parked along the roadside. He was caught, imprisoned, and sentenced to a public flogging/whipping. When the American Embassy got word of it, public outrage erupted ("What? Public Whipping? Outrageous!" was the American cry. After much outrage and political posturing between the USA and..(I forget the asian country), it was agreed that the offender would have the *amount* of whip lashes reduced, but he would still be whipped. (And he was, and then released). Public lashings in these countries are very painful, designed for maximum pain without the victim actually passing out. If the victim *does* pass out (he is carefully monitored by a 'doctor'), the remaining lashes are postponed until he regains consciousness. (Can't feel any pain when you're unconscious). I read about the whole thing in a newspaper. This 'doctor's' job is to talk to the victim continually, to "encourage" him to 'hang in there; it's almost over' (keep him conscious) until the whip count is complete. The lashings can leave permanent, physical scars, along with the emotional ones. Further, (and I could be mistaken about this, but I don't think so), -- as added humiliation, the victim is stripped nude before being flogged. WoW! What has any of this got to do with backing up video?? (Not a damned thing as far as I can see). <ggg> Gosh, I sure am glad that * I * don't make illegal vcd copies. "Nosiree, not ME, your Honour!" That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Have a nice day. -- Mike --

224.9.2002 11:16

I believe it was in Singapore. Honestly, even though I don't agree with the law, I must say I see why they wanted to stick to it. Each nation has it's oddities in the legislation, but the fact that it's different doesn't really entitle anyone to say it's wrong. The law tries to be black and white, but actually it's greyscale.. Sometimes it even goes technicolor. =)

Jari Ketola

324.9.2002 11:44

I have to disagree Ketola, this kind of thing is literally barbaric, would you condone the whipping of men, or women in the street? If you can allow this practice to go on, what about the gang raping of women ordered by courts in Pakistan, as recently happened, what about the stoning to death of an adulteress in Africa, what about taking suspected Al Qaeda operatives to Guantanamo bay and subjecting them to human rights infringements (these guys have not been officially charged and are not properly represented either legally or humanitarianily)and god knows what else. It is not OK to accept these countrys' their little oddities. We can make a stand against these things. We seem to stick up for the rights of people to copy and backup stuff, why not the rights of people to carry on everyday lives without fear of torture, human rights violations and even death, just because of archaic (usually barbaric religious) laws or despotic leaders clinging (no not Klinging!) onto power. This must stop and if it is accepted by countries and individuals, it will carry on. Next time you have the chance to buy Singaporean or Malaysian product in place of another, buy the other. Next time you can make a difference, make it. Paul.

424.9.2002 12:18

Yeah, you're right - it's barbaric. But still.. it's just sheer hypocrisy to say it doesn't happen Everywhere in the world. In the so called "civilized countries". I think capital punishment is barbaric. I think feeding offal to animals is barbaric. I think stoning a woman to death is barbaric. I think bombing civilians with a nuclear bomb is barbaric. We don't live in a perfect world. If you stop to think about all the horrors that go around -- not only thousands of miles away, but right under your nose -- you loose your sleep. For good. Trust me.

524.9.2002 14:45

I just read my last post and realised that you are on my side, although it may not have seemed so in my post. This is an important issue for me, as my wife works for charity helping political and other persucuted refugees getting into countries like the UK, which is where I happen to live (mercifully we have no death penalty here any more). The things I have read about and seen that go on in Europe (as I often assist my wife in translation) would turn your stomach and I could not in good conscience describe them on this website, so you are right, generally hypocracy is to suggest that these things do not go on in a civilised world. However, many civilised countries have at least some form of democratic representation (yeah, OK not perfect) and freedom of speech and expression to a point. This is fundamental. Iraq, China (and too many to list) either ban, or severely restrict what their people see on TV, hear on the radio, read in their newspapers and are undemocratic. Imagine if every day your newspaper had been 'signed off' by Blair or Bush, imagine you had to watch state sanctioned television, had to follow ludicrous laws, you would eventually become brainwashed, or revolt. Most of these countries are poor, but ironically get to see enough of the mouthwatering life that we lead. Although types like bin Laden do not suffer the indignity of poverty (he is just totally demonically insane) his type generally feel disaffeted with the world, especially the rich world. In Selling Iraq weapons (oh believe me boys, every western country has so far) and getting Burma's oil, our countries (who represent us, by the way) end up using our name to effectively assist in the exploitation. We cannot put the world to rights and it is certain that there will always be a divide, always has always will, but we can vote for more important things than copyright reform. That's what I believe and Ketola, sorry if I sound pious (I am not religious, in any way) or patronising (I know you are an Administrator I and I have respect) or that I am against what you have said, as in essence i agree with you. Although, I think we could all do more. Paul.

625.9.2002 23:44

Two things: a) I am a night-time cab-driver. b) This is a forum about audio/video. Last year, locally, 6 night-time cab-drivers were murdered. A few months ago, a fellow-colleague got a .22 calibre bullet in the back of the head. He is no longer with us either. Last year, about 1/2 mile from where I live, another night-time taxi-driver got his throat slashed, and was left for dead, all for the sake of (maybe) $20 to buy some dope. (And I live in a nice neighbourhood too). His attending nurse (whom I drove home one night) told me that what the general public *doesn't* know, is that he was also stabbed 18 times. He is now in a wheelchair and partially brain-dead from lack of oxygen, while left slumped over his steering wheel. I saw the assailaint on TV, who hawked (spit) at the cameraman on a local newscast. I myself personally, have had my car robbed 4 times in 6 years, and once, my passenger was pulled out of the front seat of my car and beaten unconscious in front of my eyes, while 3 of his buddies came after ME, as I was a witness they wanted to 'dispose' of. However, since this IS a forum about audio/video, I'll let *you* decide if you'd like me to tell you what I think about public flogging/whippings. Paul (loaded), how would you feel about the various "judges" who ordered the stoning of that woman, and the othres who ordered the gang rape, be *themselves* publicly flogged? Sounds like a good idea to me. (I think I'll go watch a light-comedy movie now before I get myself all bogged-down into a Blue Funk). -- Mike --

726.9.2002 2:02

I am genuinely saddened by your story, but seem to be getting mixed signals. Do you agree therefore with the death penalty in the case of these terrible things that happened close to your life and denounce the behaviour of tin pot despots and dictators doling out inhumanitarian punishment and torture. (I am not being difficult, I just want to understand what exactly you think) But maybe not in this forum. Obviously if someone hurt my wife, family or friends I would want them dead, or punished in the worst way, but we should keep emotion and knee jerk reactions out of the justice system. I will be away for a few days, but will try to find a keyboard somewhere! Be lucky. Paul.

826.9.2002 14:52

This is definitely not the proper place to have this discussion. But it's not completely out of context either given the topic of the news item. Man is a cruel, morbid creature whose actions show that he doesn't deserve to live here. We've had our chance and we've blown it. There is no fitting law for the ones who do things beyond the imagination and comprehension of a sane person. How do you judge a person who ties a dog to car's towing hook by his leash and pulls him on a freeway at 100kmph (80mph) till he has nothing but bones left on his feet.. =\ Happened here in Finland about a year ago. I haven't been able to get the image out of my head, and probably never will. Even if the persons responsible for the act would be whipped for the rest of their life.. it wouldn't bring the helpless dog bag.. Nor would it be hard enough a punishment. I probably should not have shared that story.. Sorry.

Jari Ketola

926.9.2002 23:27

Aw, not to worry, Ketola - we're all friends. I still love life, I love people, and this is a great forum populated by free-thinking, intelligent members. I could use a couple of beers though. :) -- Mike -

1027.9.2002 10:22

Quite right, we are free thinkers and do not always agree, but that is the beauty of a democracy. As for me, I shall take Klingy up on his idea of a couple of beers, which should wash down a nice Indian meal tonight. Good night and take care Paul. aka Loaded.

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