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Sanyo doubles CD-R capacity with HD-Burn

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 25 Sep 2002 1:43 User comments (5)

Sanyo doubles CD-R capacity with HD-Burn As we reported several months ago, Sanyo has been working on a 1,4GB CD-R format that utilizes regular CD-R media. Now Sanyo annouces it's HD-Burn technology. Very interesting concept, but somehow I feel that it has a hard time finding potential market as the DVD recordable technology gets cheaper every day.
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has developed the high density recording technology "HD-BURN" which doubles the recording capacity (1.4GB) on conventional CD-R media (700MB). "HD-BURN" will be sequentially employed for our Super Combination Drives. In addition , SANYO has formulated the standard recording format and started product licensing.

CD-R media is rapidly becoming popular because of its reasonable price and superior compatibility, and used by a wide range of users. Currently , recording of large volumes of data such as video are increasing, resulting in the increasingly popularity of DVD media (4.7GB).

As a result, need for intermediate range capacity between CD-R and DVD is steadily increasing as users demand an easy to use and affordable type of large volume media."HD-BURN" technology meets these needs and realizes the recording of large volume data at a moderate price.

A recorded disc by "HD-BURN" technology is compatible with a DVD player, and allows, the player to read the disc with some modification of firmware. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. will disclose the technology used to read the media recorded with "HD-BURN" technology by a DVD player and will propose to other DVD drive makers that they adopt this technology as an industry standard.

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5 user comments

125.9.2002 15:40

OK, I would be really impressed if they came up with 1.4GB CD, which could be recorded in a normal burner and played on any standalone. Then I wouldn't have the swap over half way through with VCD! Better just switch to DVD-R Paul.

226.9.2002 00:42

There's a partial way around that, Paul - not an ideal solutuon perhaps, but a viable one. Use a dvd changer. I recently tried an inexpensive GE 3-disc model out for my growning collection of homemade VCDs. (The GE5803P) It changed discs beautifully, quickly, and with virtually no noise. When making vcds, I always carefully choose a likely, quiet, logical spot in the film to make the split to ease the necessary interuption, and the GE player acquited itself admirably when mechanically playing them back. Unfortunately, it was also the absolute WORST videocd player I ever had the misfortune to watch in my life. A/V sync was WAY off. Skips, glitches, and just plain crummy picture quality forced me, after trying 3 different units, to trade it for a one-disc Sony DVD-NS315, at exactly the same price (within .18c) which by marked contrast, is the BEST videocd player I ever owned, beating the pants off my earlier Sanyo unit by a wide margin. (VCD playback is utterly, uncompromisingly perfect). But damn, I can't afford a Sony disc changer. So, like you, I still gotta do the damn swap thing. (sigh.....) -- Mike --

326.9.2002 01:47

Or just record loads of VCDs onto cheapish DVD media. I was recently chatting with dRD, who says this can be done, even in CVD format, I imagine you could also do SVCD. Imagine being able to fit 3 or 4 decent quality movies on one DVD, rather than one movie on 2 CDs. By the way, DVD changer? We don't have those in England yet, at least I have not seen them. I will be away for a few days, keep safe (no late night cabbing.) Paul.

426.9.2002 05:21

In Ireland almost everyone has 21" Mono TV (sometimes Nicam stereo) Video Recorder and some have a Sky Satellite receiver and/or DVD player. When I visited the US, I couldn't believe that just about every house had a large TV with Dolby Pro logic 5 speaker sound, Video Recorder, Radio Tuner and some had a multidisc (3 or 5) DVD player. I haven't been in one house over there out of over 10 that had less than 4 black/silver boxes under the TV!

58.6.2003 16:41

I have one of the Optorite DVD =/- R recorders that has the HD-Burn technology. I have tried writing a 1.3 GB SVCD with the Nero (which is supposedly compatible with HD-Burn). I also tried using B's Recorder Gold5 which is suppose to do HD-BURN and no matter what I try it will not burn the SVCD. I always get the message that there is not enough room on the media. If anyone has used the HD-BURN sucessfuly please let me know what I am doing wrong.

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