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Online privacy group counter-attacks MPAA and RIAA

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 08 Nov 2002 13:24 User comments (3)

Consumer privacy group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), has attacked against RIAA's and MPAA's intentions to force colleges and universities to monitor P2P usage.
Both, MPAA and RIAA, have sent letters out to American universities during the last couple of months, warning about illegal file trading of their students and demanding universities to monitor and block P2P use in their networks.

EPIC has sent its own letter to major universities warning about the monitoring, saying that monitoring students will chill the critical thinking and exploration.

According to EPIC, copyright owners' plans would "shift the burden to colleges and universities to devote scarce resources to monitoring online communications and to identifying and 'prosecuting' individuals suspected of using P2P networks to commit copyright violations."

Source: ZDNet UK

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3 user comments

114.11.2002 18:51

If the NPAA and RIAA get their way with privacy violations, then students will be forced into doing their work else ware but only when possible causing their grades to fail. Also they may not be able to share their own intellect with other students who are in study clubs and the like. Some computer students are into writing their own games and into HTML and other forms of computer related technology that could be improved by sharing them with the world via P2P. Face it the RIAA has been trying to convince the world that P2P should be eliminated all together, when in fact there are lots of legitimate ways in which a person may use a P2P client. I wonder if the RIAA and NPAA plan to pay for additional staffing for these major colleges and universities who have better things to do then worry about who is swapping MP3’s or movies on their servers. I doubt if they will make plans to prosecute students who’ve proven themselves in their academics. If they did they’d loose good customers because just like the Internet can be used to file swap, it can be used to warn others against such dictator like behavior. Lets talk a little about privacy. How did the RIAA and NPAA find this out? Maybe they have hired staff to pretend to be students in classes that are in the technical fields ware one would have access to a high speed server to be able to Download Movies and music all night long. Lets not forget about that lovely Cydoor client that the original KazaA and many non hacked P2P clients have. I know that KazaA is aware of programs like Ad-Aware so what would happen if KazaA came up with a way to report all serches to the MPAA and RIAA along with the IP addresses without using external software like Cydoor? I am sure the RIAA and NPAA are constantly working under cover to create such an item so we all need to check sites like this one to be sure no monkey business is going on with our favorite P2P clients. Students need to be aware of people who are against file swapping and make their lives miserable. Make sure they have no access or at least little access to the computers. This way we can keep the RIAA out of our private business. You can usually tell when a person is trying to find out something about you that you normally would not give out to the general populous. Corporations need to watch for spies in their own business. The NPAA and RIAA have certainly gone through some high extents to get what they want. However my article that I’ve written earlier here on pointed out the fact that they’ve still not proven their claims of loss in sales due to file swapping with any graphic facts or tangible facts. I think before we start asking corporations to monitor for P2P, we need to look in the eyes of the enemy and make a stand against such juvenile like demands of the rest of the world. A good quote I’ve learned is “poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on the part of others”. If they cannot prove any of these claims in the first place, then why expect corporate and private businesses alike to pucker up and suck up to the demands of RIAA and NPAA? It is time that we make these boys go back to school and learn a few facts about life. If they don’t learn now they will probably cause more head aches to those innocent citizens who may or may not even be aware of the affects that these guys will have on the rest of the world while they sit believing that what I fight against is a mere waste of my valuable time. Folks it is not going away by itself without help from those who don’t turn a blind eye to dictatorship and double standards. I also think that they need to follow suit and pay the artists for the files that were distributed via their own web site. I don’t care if the RIAA was not responsible for the actions of the hacker or hackers that put the Pirated files on their site in the first place. This is not a case of monkey do what I say and not as I do. It reminds me of the parents who’ve told their children not to commit an act when the parent commits that very same act or does nothing when people do that very same act or allow that very same act to happen in their own organization. They want P2P networks to police their system and pay royalties to the RIAA and MPAA for so called “Pirated Files”. Well now is the time for the RIAA to make a public TV and Radio apology to the artists and those affected by their network and also pay fines to the governments of the world that was affected by the acts of the hackers. This way they can prove to the world that they are no different then the citizens of the rest of the world and have no sanctuary onto them from having to deal with ordinary responsibilities demanded onto the rest of the world by their own organization. Maybe then the governments can look at this whole ordeal as valid and not just a silly expectation of the RIAA and NPAA which again they are without any example of their commitment to justification and they aren’t making corrections for the errors of others. After they can practice what they preach, they might even have a leg to stand on with the weight of the world on their shoulders. The RIAA and MPAA is desperate to fool the world into believing that the artists are effected by the public, when the real deal is they are effected by the MPAA and RIAA’s own greed and the rose colored glasses that the artists are looking through no thanks to the MPAA and RIAA. Voodoohippi

217.11.2002 10:04

amen!! i agree. the music/movie industry needs restructurering. the industries never thought ahead and never recognzied the amazing impact of p2p networks and audio/video compression (mp3, divx, etc). Instead of condemning the masses for grasping onto an effective/convenient format, they should perhaps think about meeting the demands of the market. Instead, they want to make the demands of the market and shape the market to what they find convenient and 'fair'. The RIAA and MPAA are screwing the artists of their hard earned money. Plus, what they want to do is ridiculous, the amount of resources wasted on p2p monitoring and the network congestion created by hacking p2p users would not be worth it. I remember when cds were first inttroduced, the promise of "$6" discs due to cheaper media costs vs a cassette.. lets see.. $15.99 for any new cd... just my $.02 peace seamonkey420 remember my fellow geeks, "knowledge is power, spread the power"

317.11.2002 12:32

Well I just read an article on talking about Roxio who is the creator of Easy of easy CD creator buying CD creator. They bought out the old Napster and paying the royalties to the artists and having Free Downloads just like the old Napster. If they do that it will benefit both the consumer as well as the RIAA and NPAA will get what is owed to them by the advertisers on the system.. It will be just what the doctor ordered. Besides Napster is the real answer for the budding Independent artist. With the Free advertisements paying the royalties everyone will win.

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