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Maxell introduces 48x CD-R media and warnes about the risks of higher speeds.

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 Nov 2002 14:17 User comments (2)

I am sure that many of you have read articles about CD-Rs exploding at ultra-high speeds. As Maxell introduces their 48x, they also give a statement about 52x being too high - it's too risky with minimal benefits. Recently CD-R drive manufacturer Plextor gave similar opinions on the maximum CD-R speed.
With its 48X product introduction, Maxell is joining with other CD industry leaders such as Sony, Yamaha and Plextor in adopting 48X as the new high-speed standard, as opposed to the 52X benchmark, because of reliability concerns at the higher speed. Maxell engineers determined that the minimal speed advantage offered by 52X drives is outweighed by the performance and safety issues of operating CD-R media in excess of 10,000 rpm. Research has shown that naturally occurring minute defects or cracks in the CD-R hub area can quickly expand when exposed to the physical stresses of 52X operations. These small, virtually undetectable defects can easily cause discs to break apart at 52X speed, destroying not only critical data stored on the CD-R media, but potentially damaging or destroying the CD drive.

"The 48X standard offers customers outstanding performance without the risks associated with 52X speeds," said Dawn Wortman, senior marketing manager at Maxell. "Our 48X media is the latest example of Maxell's commitment to increasing customer value with continual leading-edge product enhancements for CD-R, DVD and mid-range tape applications, while maintaining the utmost in reliability."

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2 user comments

120.11.2002 20:13

thats bull I bought the new memorex not(maxell)52X cd burner and I do admit that I have only burned 5 cds at that speed all of those cd's worked...fine I just wouldnt want to put cheap cd-r/rw media in it....

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25.12.2002 20:51

48X, that means a disk in 2 minutes? But then again what else (other than the burner you burnt it with) will beable to read it? I still burn some times as slow as 4X so as to make sure the disk is properly copied (especially audio disks).

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