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Fake Robbie Williams album planted on P2P networks

Written by Jari Ketola @ 18 Nov 2002 15:09 User comments (5)

Fake Robbie Williams album planted on P2P networks With there release of Robbie Williams' new album Escapology about to hit the stores, people are turning their eyes to Peer-To-Peer networks, such as KaZaA, to get their hands on the music before it's released. The album can be found quite easily, but the contents of the tracks might not be what the listeners are looking for.
Many of the tracks found appear, infact, to be decoys. The songs start to play as you'd expect them to, but after awhile to song fades to silence. And since people often share music without listening to the tracks first, the broken songs are spread to thousands of users.

Record labels have been planting P2P networks with bogus tracks for quite some time now. They are hoping to discourage people from downloading music. According to their reasoning, if people can't download the tracks, they will buy the album.

No representative from EMI, Williams' record label, could be reached for comments.

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5 user comments

118.11.2002 15:40

Ha Ha. I still have to get caught by that. But why are people racing to download the file's before the albums release, what will happen is they will get low quality mp3 then when the album is released and ripped and shared by every1 and his 10 brothers, they'll still have low quality mp3 and chances are they wont download better versions (if i sound odd dont mind me, im just not sleeping much!).

218.11.2002 17:55

Their reasoning is wrong. Everyone reasoning is wrong. Why try and download something that isn't out yet? sounds dumb to me.

Tromadance, tromadance, tromadance.

319.11.2002 4:40

Kazza is full of enough shite without record labels putting their oar in as well. Paul.

41.12.2002 19:51

That is exactly why you check the site that tells you what the file size is first and always check the files. If you get enough bad files from a certain user you can ignore them and then you'll get good Downloads. If your a lamer then you get what you don't educate yourself for. Learn about the Elite ones out there and learn the mottos about sharing. For Example I have a 100 gig drive. I share all my warez and I expect people to share as well. If they don't they get the boot. Simple don't let lamers Download from you and don't Download from lamers.

52.12.2002 5:05

I hate that expression, lamer. By the way, why are you talkin as if none of us know shit about sharing. Oh I sahre a lot but thats all I'll say cause your extra little description of what you share is definetly gonna get you banned! And that word, elite. An elite sharer wouldn't be using kazaa or any similar crap p2p networks! The places all that stuff gets shared first is irc and/or edonkey2000. Kazaa sucks, Limewire Sucks, Morpheus Sucks, WinMX sucks etc.. The only p2p that are good in my opinion are Direct Connect & eDonkey2000.

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