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UMG starts selling downloadable tracks

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 20 Nov 2002 14:25 User comments (4)

UMG starts selling downloadable tracks World's largest record label, Universal Music Group, announced today that it will start offering downloadable tracks and albums from its music catalog through 25 online retailers.
Label, owned by French Vivendi Universal, will use Liquid Audio as its format and users who download tracks will be able to burn the music to CDs and transfer downloaded tracks to portable media players that support Liquid Audio (very few "MP3 players" support Liquid Audio..).

Each track will cost $0.99 and full albums will cost $9.99, making the downloaded version of a CD slightly cheaper than that bought as a physical CD. Universal said it was kicking off the initiative by making the new single from Mariah Carey available online before the release of her upcoming album.

Source: San Fransisco Chronicle

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4 user comments

121.11.2002 5:08

Liquid Schmikwid. Audio, Schmoddio. Keep it, don't want it. Been there, done that. Movie at 6:00. I smell DRM. Everywhere. Restrictions, downloadable licesences, the whole 9 yards. I wonder why Media Player 8 or 9 (or whatever in the hell number it's up to now) isn't involved. I don't know who now owns Liquid Audio, but it was a format that carried with it a major stink. Basically, it sucked. And then it stunk *some more*. And now it really reeks. Thanks, but no thanks. -- Me, with a clothespin on my nose --

221.11.2002 5:14

Oh! Pardon Me! How silly I should not have noticed it earlier. MS's WMPlayer IS in there! (Surprise, farking surprise). <not>. Lord.....someone open up a window will ya, and let that stink outta here!!! (I might just join up & download something to see how crummy it sounds, and report back here) wait! Come to think of it, I'd have to install that filthy WMP 8 or something, wouldn't I? :-( Nah, think I'll pass..... -- Klingy, with his Windows open --

321.11.2002 5:21

Hi, me again. You can start scooping up the poop (if you're a US resident), at: -- Klingy, with his super-dooper, pooper-scooper --

421.11.2002 8:12

When will they learn, that people really dont like restrictions, like shit audio-formats (Ill take your word for it Klingon).

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