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Can Kazaa be sued in the States?

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 22 Nov 2002 12:49 User comments (3)

Can Kazaa be sued in the States? The trial against FastTrack-based P2P operators, MusicCity's Morpheus, Grokster and Sharman Networks' Kazaa was hit with a legal dilemma on this week. Sharman Network claims that U.S. companies can't sue it in U.S. courts because it doesn't have virtually any interests in the States.
Sharman Networks is incorporated in small island just outside Australia, called Vanuatu. Company itself operates from Australia and operates all of its servers in various countries, but not in the United States. Now the judge has to decide whether U.S. entertainment industry has any powers to even sue the company. The case might prove to be a useful example on how the international laws will be applied in the future -- it is clear that if judge allows U.S. companies to sue in the U.S., that other countries will adopt the system and will start sueing American companies in their own countries as well. Now, all American porn operators, please remember that virtually all muslim countries ban nudity -- you're gonna get sued. Or New York Times and their anti-communist ideas -- welcome to People's Republic of China, you've been just sued. Or any companies allowing to distribute Nazi memorabilia or show Nazi symbols -- you can be sued in France, Germany or various other European countries. Now, judge. Are you really, really sure you want to bow and give Big Companies the power in this particular case, hm?-)

Source: PCWorld

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3 user comments

129.11.2002 9:42

If the damn US government does not stop sticking their neck out on this one they will get their head chopped off. It is as clear as the nose on your face that if this suit is even taken seriously and Pursued in the way that the RIAA and NPAA wants it to be taken, they will fuck themselves up the ass with a tire iron. Not only that, but it could put the US in a state of Communism. I hope Metallica is proud of the shit they stirred up. Yes these damn punks will lead this country into communism by all sorts of freakey little people like Ossomo Ben Lodden. Yes he could have a law suit against our nation for putting out hateful songs, saying we wish him dead, and all sorts of so called "Blasphemous" roomers against his damn religion. Hell in certain countries our Movies and Music could be called illegal. You, the members of the RIAA could be suid for the lyrics and songs making their way to those contries. I think you better purchase and watch a movie by Styx called "Caught in the act". Although the robots are fictional, this is what will become of US citizens who express themselvelves. History does repeat itself and as far as corporate greed goes the corporations will sacrifice our entire countries freedom because they don't like file sharing. The public better get awoken pretty damn quick and stop making excuses for the RIAA. Because right underneath your noses this contry is about to take the downlord spiral to hell and beyond anything your pea size brains can imagine. You better start your boycott against this crap. Get your friends to immediately stop buying CD's, DVD's and tapes or we'll all suffer the consequence for the actions of multi billion dollar corporations like the RIAA and NPAA. If it means staying up a little later to copy CD's your friends are about to purchase and support the record industry, sacrifice your time and not your contries freedom. Send this article to E V E R Y O N E you can. Make it clear on what is about to happen to our lovely nation on the count of the RIAA and NPAA. And by all means S T O P B U Y I N G M E T A L LI C A Anything and by all means don't attend any of their concerts. This is a serious threat to our nation, probably as big as the 911 bombing on our nations world trade center. Only thing is that the terrorists are now in our own country and doing it on an intellectual basis. This proves that brain power is far more dangerous then brute strength. NOW I AM SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF BEYOND ALL BELIEF!!! Voodoohippi (Defender of free cyberspace)

21.12.2002 12:03

i am with ya brotha!!! down with the RIAA!!!! knowledge is power, spread the power!!!!

31.12.2002 19:15

I was talking with one of my relatives. They were trying to tell me that the US would not go communism and that this whole thing is made up. It is a wonder that the government can pass such laws upon the public. Simply put that this entire ordeal does not just effect file sharing any more. This has gone way beyond just file swapping. I don't know how we are about to educate about 90% of the population, who would rather watch HGTV and worry about how their house compares with the neighbors. They just don't get it. If it isn't printed in the news or pounded into their heads they just don't get it. Maybe we need to have Disc Jockeys to pound this into their head. This is how the RIAA seems to be doing this. We just need more people to actually get out and vote these officials out of office. One of the main questions should be is "Do you believe in the RIAA?" and if so don't vote for them.

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