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Lik Sang makes a move to fight the lawsuit

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Nov 2002 16:20

Lik Sang makes a move to fight the lawsuit Lik Sang today announced that will be taken over by a fresh company in order to concentrate on winning the lawsuit against Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.
"Just a few days after having received High Court Orders not allowing us to sell Mod Chip products for the Playstation 2 and Flash Linker products for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Lik Sang realized that the powers of those three multi-billion dollar corporations are simply infinite compared to the budgets and resources businesses like Lik Sang have available. Their legal actions have been hurting our customers and our business a lot in the last couple of weeks, so that we have finally decided to let somebody else take over and solely concentrate on the lawsuit", says Alex Kampl, Director of Lik Sang International Limited. "By allowing the new international team to take over, will remain the place you trusted before."

After Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft filed lawsuits against Lik Sang International Limited and it's Directors in the High Court of Hong Kong alleging Copyright Infringement (for selling so-called Mod Chips) by mid September, the situation is much clearer by now. Lik Sang has been working with international specialists and is about to file strong defense for a long trial. A detailed strategy will be announced in due course.

Pacific Game, the company taking over, will soon announce more details what kind of changes you are about to see and what it means for existing and future customers.

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