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DivX player for PS2

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 02 Dec 2002 1:52 User comments (5)

According to a blurp at Slashdot, there's finally a working DivX player for Sony Playstation 2 available.
The player obviously requires a modchip in order to work correctly (otherwise you can't load "homebrew" software items) and according to the Spanish site that hosts the software, it is capable of playing all flavors of DivX (DivX3.11alpha, DivX4.x and DivX5.x).

More info:


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5 user comments

12.12.2002 15:19

Now thats handy if it works!!

22.12.2002 15:23

Another thing. I went to ps2 reality and used babelfish to translate the web page but I still don't understand half of it. I d'ont have a clue where to go for more info on it. Perhaps some1 could point me in the right direction??

33.12.2002 08:48
45.12.2002 00:06

is it possible to copy any PS2 dvd game that will work in a mod-chipped ps2. i am thinking of buying a dvd-r but don't know if it will be a waste of money. anyone please help!!!!

513.12.2002 12:09

it's not a divx player but check this site out! I don't have the software and don't know if it works.

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