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DVD player sales grew 61% in 2002

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Dec 2002 11:19 User comments (4)

DVD player sales grew 61% in 2002 According to a research concluded by In-Stat/MDR, the DVD player shipments grew by 61 percent in 2002 compared to the numbers in 2001. The growth was fuelled partly by super-cheap Chinese players and partly by increasing sales of DVD recorders.
According to numbers, the U.S. will remain the biggest market for DVD players until 2006 when China surpasses it and becomes the biggest single market in the world for DVDs. The growth rate in the European Union will surpass the rate in the U.S. through 2005.

Study also predicts that the prices of DVD recorders will drop under $300 (187 or 300) by end of the year 2003. The sales growth of DVD players will stop in 2006 when all of the growth in the market is provided by the DVD recorders.

Source: InStat

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4 user comments

117.12.2002 12:45

As with every new gadget, the price is fallen until you can gt it for half nuthing. Its the same with everything. I wonder what the next big thing will be!! hmmm

218.12.2002 0:06

Blue Laser. Then pink. Orange. Turquoise. 12-layer, then eighteen. twenty-four. 1,326. -- mgb --

318.12.2002 3:12

Just think about portable casette-players,or Walkman for Sony, you can get these things very cheap these days. But its not really worth upgrading to a casette-system anymore, is it?

418.12.2002 3:25

I'm simply going to carry on making and enjoying my vcds until the next Big Thing comes along. And then I'll *still* keep making vcds until all the NBT's serious bugs are worked out. -- mgb --

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