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Alex Kampl of Lik-Sang interviewed

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Jan 2003 10:54

Alex Kampl of Lik-Sang interviewed Lik-Sang is a major console accesories dealer and one of the most significant MOD chip dealers internationally. Recently they were forced to bring down their business by major console makers Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
Now publishes an interesting interview of Alex Kampl.

There are obvious positive effects to using a modchip on a console system. A $200 console suddenly becomes a fully functional uncrippled computer. Unfortunately, this very desirable effect looks to be in danger, by recent legal action taken against your and other's companies, as well as individuals. It seems logical that once the machine has been modded, its manufacturer would be under no further support obligation. In light of this...

To your knowledge, has it been made clear by manufacturers that this kind of modding merits further punitive action than discontinuing support and service(i.e., legal action)?

If not, is there a way that the clearly legitimate(under the understanding that purchase==property) uses of modchipping can be protected? If so, how?

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