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Nero plug-in for Windows Media Player 9.0

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 10 Jan 2003 13:11 User comments (9) reveals interesting news about a new Nero plug-in for latest generation Windows Media Player. Unfortunately they do not reveal the source of their news, but it appears to be straight from Ahead Software.
The Nero Fast Burning Plug-in enables the Windows Media Player 9.0 Series to burn CDs at full speed, up to 26 times faster than before, greatly decreasing the time it takes for each burning session. In addition, the plug-in will provide Windows Media Player 9.0 users the option of eliminating the two-second gap between audio tracks.

"Nero has always been synonymous with quality, and Ahead Software has developed a reputation as the leading CD/DVD software development company," states John Tafoya, Vice President of Business Development, Ahead Software Inc. "The winning combination of our high-quality Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in and Microsoft's Windows Media Player Series 9.0 provides a powerful tool for the consumer market."

The Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in will be available at no charge.

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9 user comments

110.1.2003 16:11

Sad. Nero+Media 9. The wedding from Hell? You kiss my ass and I'll kiss yours. Sounds about right. Yet another Monopoly in-the-making. I didn't read the report (above). I don't want to. I don't need to. I can smell the bullshit from way over here. Anyone here at use media 9? Any of the mods, admins, or sysops? Anyone got it installed? Any one use it? Any one over there got anything to say about it? Opinions welcome and solicited. Tell me what *you* think about Nero+Media 9, and then I'll tell you what * I * think. :) Frig it. I'll tell you what I think anyway. (You knew I was going to). I think that the dealings which 321 Studios, a decent and reputable company, have with Nero, is an honest and above-board one. I also think that Nero and Microsoft in bed with each other makes me wish 321 and Nero had stayed miles apart! Microsoft and 321 are LIGHTYEARS distant in both philosophy and integrity. And intent. Do you want to venture an opinion on that? Nero stuck in between the two, just makes me wanna throw up. Yeah, I have Nero installed on my system. Wanna guess how much I paid for it? -- Me --

210.1.2003 22:22

I got my copy of nero on fleabay for $5 if you paid anymore for it you must be a Windows9X user

310.1.2003 23:39

It was a gift from my Fairy God Mother. No, no, wait - it was left under my pillow by the Tooth, no, hold on, it *really* came free inside a box of Kellog's Corn, no..... I was just kidding - it *really & truly* ....... -- Mike --

411.1.2003 2:17

Regarding wmp9: If you read the licence info you will discover that it is "spyware".

511.1.2003 13:59

As I mentioned in the previous article, Windows Media Player 9 tries acessing the web while installing its DRM components. Although Nero boasts about the quality of MP4, Windows Media Player crashes while trying to play one of these files. I'd be a bit worried about it crashing to while recording a CD. I'd wonder if the Nero plugin would allow recording of tracks supported by Windows Media Player as directshow codecs, e.g. OGG Vorbis. I tried out Windows Media Audio 9, but it still has its metallic sound in many tracks I've tried encoding particularily at 128kbps or below.

613.1.2003 14:57

Hello.. I Downloaded Windows Media 9 for playing just that, Media and for That it does a great job.far as ripping or making CD`s its gotta be MusicMatch,for Playing music its my favorite player Winamp.

If its worth doing,its worth doing best you can.

76.2.2003 23:07

86.2.2003 23:07


97.2.2003 4:10


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