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Lindows releases its own Media Center PC

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Jan 2003 4:00 User comments (4)

Software maker Lindows, founded by the founder Michael Robertson, has launched its attack against Microsoft's Media Center XP by releasing a low-cost PC with iDot that comes bundled with LindowsOS v3.0 and various multimedia applications.
Computer's prices start from $399 without a monitor and it includes software tools for DVD and MP3 playback as well as other multimedia formats. According to the Lindows, the computer boots in 10secs and can be used with on-screen menus by using mouse or keyboard. Computer can be attached to a regular TV and uses low-cost PC parts from Via and other manufacturers. The computer is about the size of a thick phonebook.

According to various surveys, so-called "Home Theater PCs" are gaining momentum and while most of the users still prefer to build their own HTPC systems, brand name manufacturers are jumping into the bandwagon with Media Center XP PCs.

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4 user comments

129.1.2003 7:52

Cheap and cheerful:) People are getting what they pay for, and that has to be good, look at the success of the Sony Playstation.

Play Atari today, it won't break-down tomorrow ;-)

231.1.2003 4:32

Good move....economical and practical. What price now Glory, Captain Flagg? Rodgers

32.2.2005 17:32

Pros: No Windows load times. No Microsoft crap. Will most likely will be similar to Linux-based TiVo. Dirt cheap caompared to $700 ibuypower MCE. Cons: No regualr computer functions with exception of Web, and email, and basic apps. Will not be as 1-dimensional as Windows. For example a crash in IE means Windows screwed up. Not the lovey dovey Microsoft were used to, which means millions of apps are off limits. It will probably have limited ram, HD space, Burning abilities, software applications, processor speed, and NO HYPER THREADING!. HT (or Transporting) Technology is a must have for MCEs, and unless this is Hyper Threadporting, I dont think it will have HT abilities.

43.2.2005 4:07

Looks to me like something worthwhile investigtion. Best to all! Rodgers

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