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Prassi is back

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Jan 2003 10:40 User comments (1)

The 3rd coming is at hand?
Prassi Software has most colorful history. Their Prassi CD Replicator was one of the first CD-R softwares that was able to handle the primitive CD protections that were emerging in the software market and considered very good piece of software. But Prassi was sued by Adaptec/Roxio, for utilizing their technology, and Prassi lost the case.

Prassi came back as Prassi Europe and with the Prassi Primo product line, including CD-R and DVD solutions. The PrimoCD wasn't too impressive, but PrimoDVD is a very competitive product, and favored by PS2 users. And then Prassi Europe was aquired by Veritas.

But now, from out of nowhere, the guys make an announcement at

January, 2003 - Prassi is back

Two years passed already since the selling of Prassi Europe and Px Engine technology to Veritas Software. We finished our consulting there and we are now back again on our own with a blank sheet of paper in front of us.

The software market changed dramatically. Nevertheless, we believe that we can again build and maintain compelling software for the optical storage industry. We intend to do this in a modern, not aggressive, and sustainable manner. In the next few weeks we'll have a new business plan.

What we can anticipate here is that we intend to serve the high-end and power-user needs of the optical storage industry, providing also video streaming and OEM recording software.

We will develop in a real multi-platform fashion. It is our intention to have our presence in Europe and USA, along with a strong relationship in Japan.

Many thanks to those that already expressed sympathy and support. We hope to earn your business again. Stay tuned for the new website, or email to for any inquiries on this new adventure. Please also note new Prassi address and phone numbers on our Contact page.

Many thanks.
From Prassi team.

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129.1.2003 13:42

hell ya. im glad Prassi is back. There dvd copier works great. I hope their new stuff supports a lot more dvd writers.

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