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Verizon to appeal court ruling

Written by Jari Ketola @ 31 Jan 2003 3:47 User comments (3)

Verizon to appeal court ruling Internet access provider Verizon Communications has asked the appeals court to block a previous court ruling that forces Verizon to disclose the identity of a P2P user to RIAA.
"Verizon will use every legal means to protect its subscribers' privacy," said John Thorne, a senior vice president for Verizon. "If this ruling stands, consumers will be caught in a digital dragnet, not only from record companies alleging infringement of their copyright monopolies, but from anyone who can fill out a simple form."

Verizon does not oppose disclosing the identity of the customer, but the legal methods used by RIAA to request it. RIAA is trying to use fast legal procedures provided by the DMCA to get the name of the pirate. Verizon sees that it violates the privacy of their customers and insists that RIAA must file a lawsuit before getting anything.

If RIAA has its way, they could obtain the identities of thousands of users at a whim.


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3 user comments

131.1.2003 4:15

Under the privacy protection of the Constitution, the appeals court will undoubtedly reverse the lower court's ruling. If not, this case will certainly go to the Supreme Court for interpretaion of the law. Best to All! Rodgers

231.1.2003 7:29

watch out big brothers at it again next if you have a radio the RIAA will come into your house and check your cassette tapes....... then the movie industry will get a list from walmart and kmart for everyone who bought a vcr and go after them.... man I thought this was America the land of the free not the land of who can sue who... man no wonder the world looks at us as a joke.... peace out

331.1.2003 23:35

I agree with Rodgers, our privacy has to be protected. We may need to get involved by supporting organizations fighting the RIAA.

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