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CDRINFO.COM reviews: Plextor PX-W4012TS, Plextor PX-S2410T

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 12 Feb 2003 1:47 User comments (2)

Our buddies at CDRINFO have tested some Plextor goodies. First SCSI writer in ages and a neat portable drive.
Today we post two new hardware reviews, both from Plextor. We tested the latest SCSI recorder & the external portable slim-line Plextor models. Both are offering many features and here is a snip from each review:

- Plextor PX-W4012TS: At 2003 Plextor is developing a new fast SCSI recorder, despite the high competition of cheap IDE CD-RW drives. What are the expectations from the new PX-W4012TS and how the drive performs against its IDE brother (PX-W4012A)?

- Plextor PX-S2410T: A couple of months ago Plextor shipped a new portable CD-RW recorder. The PlexWriter S2410TU is a stylish portable slim supporting 24X CD-R writing, 10X HS-RW writing and 24X reading. With a light weight and easy to use USB interface, the drive is a very attractive solution for Notebook and desktop PC use.

Read the reviews at CDRINFO.COM

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