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Roxio to re-launch Napster this year

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2003 13:42 User comments (5)

Roxio to re-launch Napster this year Roxio has announced that it will relaunch the legendary Napster during this year as a legit service. According to various sources, company is currently negotiating with record labels to get their content into the new upcoming legal service.
What's more interesting is that the man behind the original Napster and the whole P2P craze, Shawn Fanning, is now working for Roxio as a consultant.

Roxio bought the bankrupt Napster's main assets, including the domain name and the trademarks, after the company went finally bust in last year.

Source: EuropeMedia

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5 user comments

125.2.2003 17:13

Napster is dead. What do they think they will do with it.


226.2.2003 1:36

It would be interesting to see how well it does, but I really doubt it will ever be like it once was or have free membership.

326.2.2003 1:47

It will probably be a sevice like the ones we have today, such as Rhapsody, but relying on an independant network. Just like Napster used to be back in the day, but with a price-tag. I think Roxio is only trying to attract customers with the Napster-brand.

426.2.2003 8:09

How much money will actually be made? With so many p2p programs out there and the word of mouth spreading more and more about free ones out there like KaZaa and so many others, that let you have music for free and even more than music. Out there are individuals that feel morally obligated to pay for downloaded items, but with so many out there that will not pay think of the money that is being saved or think about the money that is not being made by record companies or by Roxio's Napster.

52.3.2003 21:18

Why make us pay when they can get spyware? In my opinion, Roxio is doing this in order to promote CD Creator. Or maybe it will come as part of a package with CD Creator.

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