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Apple plans to launch a music service

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2003 13:13 User comments (1)

According to various sources, Apple has managed to squeeze signatures from four record labels' execs to license their music to its upcoming legal music service. According to rumours, the new service is so simple to use that record labels simply love it.
Any details of the service are only guesses, but it is likely that the service will be tied together with the company's existing iTunes service and will allow copying the files easily to Apple's much-praised MP3 player, iPod. Obviously if this is the case, Apple needs to figure out a way to get a slice of the Windows' users spending as well, which might prove to be more difficult.

It seems that out of all major record labels, only Sony isn't interested of licensing its music to Apple -- (once again) rumours, say that Apple would like to allow CD burning in its upcoming service, but Sony objects this idea. In addition to all hype, Apple has licensed's 1-click payment system to ensure that the payments are handled quickly and without hassle.


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16.3.2003 6:33

I now competition is good for the consumer, but how many services like this do we need?

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