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Date set for Verizon appeals hearing

Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 Mar 2003 14:54 User comments (4)

Date set for Verizon appeals hearing U.S. District Judge John Bates will be hearing the appeal from Internet service provider Verizon as well as the counter arguments from the Recording Industry Association of America on April 1st.
Earlier this year Bates ruled, that Verizon must disclose the identity of a Kazaa user under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Verizon sees that the DMCA subpoena procedure severely violates the users' privacy and demands that RIAA goes through the normal legal procedure to get the identity.


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4 user comments

112.3.2003 12:21

Tha RIAA should have to get a search warrent just loke the police do before they have the legal right to search your house. With out this law, the RIAA is free to do what ever they like and to hell with the general public. If ISP's are forced to disclose their users IP addresses, then it may result in a huge loss of Internet users. We need to start a law suit against the RIAA for anti trust isues. Oh and the NPAA as well.

213.3.2003 5:12

if Verison was smart it would ask whos name is it that they want..... not to give up a custermers name but if the RIAA knows the name of the indvidual then this dance is over .... the police cant go to a judge and ask that the would like to have a search warrent to check all red cars for drugs without a name attached to it ..... the law under what the RIAA is using does not imply that through second hand infomation can procut an indavidual. this misuse of the llaw should not be tolerated and fines to minipulate the law for your own use should be incouraged by end users.... the RIAA has been given alot of freedom as of late and we the consumers have paid dearly for that for paying 15.00 for a cd and 19.95 for a dvd what a rip off if the lowwered the price less would down load it.... makes to much sence for them to under stand.....

313.3.2003 22:35

What the RIAA and NPAA have not thought about is what if the file sharing sites used their ads to pay the artists directly. This would solve the problem. I think Napster was willing to do just that, however the RIAA thought that was just not enough. If KazaA used the ads on the regular version that is not hacked, the ads could go to the artists. Piolet uses ads and has every since it was first introduced. Bearshare does as well. As far as a tax for CDRW and DVDRW drives, I could go for that just as long as it doesn't go into $1 for every blank CD or half the price of the CDRW or DVDRW. There has got to be a middle ground. Taking down P2P sites and arresting innocent people is not the answer to this arguement that the RIAA started and will never win. The only thing that will come out of this war is more laws, spyware inside everyones computers, and more DRM crap. Also don't forget that many people will cancel their subscription to broadband if they can't file share. The Internet companies are already feeling the pinch of a bad economy so why make things worse by stopping people from doing what they paid to do with their broadband connection in the first place. Verison has got to stand firm against the RIAA if they want to win the hearts of their potential customers. After all all the weight is upon the ISP's to fight against the RIAA and NPAA all the way to the supreme cort if necessary. Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyberspace)

414.3.2003 7:08

Just look at the AD network here... Not to say anyone here is engaging in illegal activities, but we all have the know how to do so, whats the RIAA gonna do? Arrest us all? Arrest the over 7 million people who use KaZaA? File lawsuits on behalf of the media industry and force us to buy copy write protected technology? Nay! No matter what they do, no matter how hard they push, the technologically adept folks of the world will always find a way around it. I admit that I have a few Warez games, I'm not exactly losing sleep over it since they charge 50 bucks (or more!) a pop for em on store shelves! If I were to buy 4 or 5 games, thats my whole pay check right there (I'm a college student and only work part-time). The actions being taken by the RIAA remind me of scenes from movies like Minority Report or the Fifth Element (where the law obviously has too much control...its early so these may be bad examples...) talks, and they sy that piracy drives up prices on consumer goods, sorry its the other way around Mr. Record-Exectuive...High prices drive up piracy! It costs what, 30 cents to stamp out a DVD? where is the other $24.69 going? Its Bull****...complete and utter bull****! Artists deserve compensation for there work and actors to get paid for there films, but I heard a statistic that only about 10-15% of all proceeds from a CD or DVD go to the artist...doing the math, you pay 15 for a cd, thats only 1.50 going to the artist, 24 for a DVD, thats 2.40...Its ridiculous...Something has to be done... Do what you can people, call a congressmen, setup a rally, bomb a...well, maybe not that drastic ;-)... Lets loosen the strangle hold they have on us!

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