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Two teenagers arrested for videotaping in movie theatre

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Mar 2003 12:04 User comments (17)

Los Angeles Police has arrested two teenagers for using a digital camcorder to videotape Star Trek: Nemesis in a movie theatre. The men were arrested as they exited the Paramount Los Angeles theatre.
Both men are charged under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and both the camcorder, and the tape with the movie were confiscated.

Illegal camcorder copies or "Cams" are often spread on the Internet even before the movie premiers. That's why the local Film & Video Security office is more than eager to assist in prosecuting the offenders. Film & Video Security Office is a part of the Motion Picture Association of America.


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17 user comments

131.3.2003 4:12

Bad bad :/

231.3.2003 4:23


331.3.2003 4:27

thats teens for you .... if they had a brain they'd get a job at the movie theather and tape it from the projectionest booth..... really with all that is happening with security wouldnt you really have to think it out more then pay $4.50 and sit there with the cam in your hand.... how about putting a web cam on your head and then you could broadcast the movie live to the net... (cell phone required..) hope they dont get nailed to bad but this is why they are after our computers anyway ... and hey Darwin already made his comments on evolution anyway.... ( remmber only the smart will servive.......)

431.3.2003 4:41

Not a bad web cam option mystic but these two would have probably connected "long distance" and paid hundreds for the movie :-)

My new years resolution? 1024x768

531.3.2003 4:47

The REALLY sad thing, is that this is already available on DVD-RIP, or VHS Screener (I have heard) and it was released in States over three months ago in the cinema!!! How lame is that. Paul ;-)

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

631.3.2003 11:23

Hard for me to believe that the LA Police have this kind of assignment, when major crimes of a more serious nature are taking place. These kids will probably get life without parole, while OJ plays golf and enjoys a celebrity status. Best to All!

71.4.2003 0:42

They should have checked the file sharing networks first before taking the risk. Anyway, who would want to pay a few quid watch a wobbly, flickery picture and fluctuating sound on a TV or computer monitor, where as for some few quid, see it in high quality at the Cinema. Just remember to leave your CAM at home. Cinemas should start putting up 'No Comcorder' signs along with those 'No Mobile' and 'No Smoking' Signs, otherwise it's like ticketing a driver going the wrong way on a one-way street without having a one-way sign up.

81.4.2003 7:20

Sean, that is like saying it is OK to shoot someone if there are no signs up to say 'Don't shoot anybody' lol It is still illegal and ignorance (which seems to be in abundance in someplaces) is no excuse. Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

91.4.2003 7:36

In Finland videotaping in a movie theatre seems to be legal. Although some movie theatres could prevent that in some signs.

101.4.2003 10:08

A good lawyer might get these teens off the hook. If there are no signs saying "No tapeing", then any lamer could argue that there was no sign telling me I could not record the movie. Of course I would not want to be the idiot who tried it, but in the laws eyes it still is the law. I always thought a copy meant that was a exact duplicate of the original. However a cam is a far cry from exact. It is washed out, poor sound, and of course you see those stupid TMD logos. I think it is anoying to try and watch a CAM from the net anyways. After I see a little of the CAM, I end up erasing the file and goto the show to see it in High Def and oh by the way DTS 5.1 SURROUND SOUND and not a echo MONO crappy sound anyways. So who cares if some stupid kid named Johnny decides to tape it. After you see the cam you'll probably take your better half to see the REAL DEAL and won't take your partnet to your computer screen to see the show. Also I go to a movie to hang out and get out of the house. So the only people watching movies taped via CAM are geeks and shut ins and socially challenged people anyways. However a good DVD rip is yet another story. I bet in the future we'll have to sign papers before entering a movie theatre that said that we son't tape it. Boy isn't America predictible? Well we'll have to see how this anti Piracy war comes out. Voodoohippi (Defender of Free cyberspace)

112.4.2003 4:43

who whats to bet after 6 months this to will be broken and then software to subvert it will be posted to every p2p within days.... who are they trying to kid they make backing up dvds out to be as bad as killing someone .... all you hacks better watch out or next you'll find yourself in a cell with charlie manson for backing up your (own) copy of lelo and stich or worse pluto nash... speeking of that they (the recording industry) owes us a refund for movies like blair witch, the ring, blade 2,pluto nash,XXX, and so on they are aloud to release movies that are just trash and we as dumb comsumers accually pay for it how about we pay as we leave the movie theather after we saw it so if it sucks and we walk out in the begining, then we throw them a buck to keep the lights on ..... this way everyone wins......

122.4.2003 5:53

Paul said: „Ignorance is no excuse“. But there is a difference between youngsters and adults and it’s Ignorance not to obeye this, it turns to be ridicul, it is pure absurdity, it should be punished with laughing. This is no real help, but You must not cry!

132.4.2003 8:51

hey man... that means we can't download movies on Kazaa before it even comes out anymore =(

142.4.2003 8:51

I think I know what you mean, but firstly, it doesn't say if they were under 18, but teenagers can be eighteen or even nineteen, which would make them able to be prosecuted. Secondly, IMHO if you are able to hold a camera and point it at a screen to record a film, I think you know you are breaking the law and that you could get caught. Also, they are just plain stupid and should be locked up to protect society. Paul.

152.4.2003 9:00

Well i will tell you I am a projectionest and even if you did do it from the booth "highly illegal" I would not do it you have too many problems 1 projection noise is right by the port hole 2 the sound will be crappy and three its easier just pay the money go see it wait 6-8 months for the dvd release with the extras because even if you do download it you wont get the deleted scenes and the animated menus and the director commentary that i like.

162.4.2003 9:12

I am curious, but if you work as a projectionist, perhaps you could enlighten us. The movie and sound is synchronized, so all you would do is take an audio out source (the one that goes to the amp and then the speakers) and plug that into your input. Hey presto, good sound. Or do a telesync for hard of hearing people. Thats seems FAR more sensible to me. Although as you point out, highly illegal. Paul.

I'm back...
...can't you smell the fear?

172.4.2003 21:54

your right loaded i never thought of that and if you say you can do that you problably can so why is that i downloaded a internal cam movie and i think this means it was taken in the prjection booth but guess what the sound went out of sync with still was picking up backgroiund hisses if it was directly pluged into the amp as you put it the you would have perfect sound but I wouldnt know because i wouldnt d=o that anyway

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