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Micropayments to Kazaa?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 31 Mar 2003 9:16 User comments (1)

Micropayments to Kazaa? Corporations are trying to solve the equation of turning the P2P file sharing boom into revenue streams. The Altnet, best known for the Kazaa file sharing software, now praises the network’s commercial potential and introduces plans for a dial-up based payment method as an alternative to a credit card driven financial transfers.
AUSTRALIANS could be paying for MP3 files over the telephone following the announcement of plans by peer-to-peer provider Altnet to use controversial internet dialer technology as a micropayments system.
To encourage more sales, the system, owned by Australian-founded internet media company Brilliant Digital Entertainment, is pushing for alternatives to credit-card sales.

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1 user comment

11.4.2003 9:48

I think the RIAA will come to grips with P2P. However it is too late to try and butter us up. They could have made lots of money with the ads that the P2P systems like KazaA and piolet provide. I think that we can have Free Downloads and the artists can still be rewarded. Also we could still have Free Movies and Warez as well. It is time to unite and try not to stop P2P but to embrace a new technology that could be easy and Free and yet give the programmers what they want. I really think this could work.

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