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RIAA settles with Technicolor

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2003 13:09 User comments (2)

RIAA settles with Technicolor RIAA has agreed to settle its lawsuit against optical media duplication giant Technicolor (which, for most of the people, is better known as the "Colors by Technicolor" statement in movie credits) for $2.3M.
RIAA sued Technicolor for $23M in last year, claiming that the company allowed pirated CD copies to be made in its factories. Technicolor agreed that the incident happened in its factory, but claimed that the incident was a random accident.

So, RIAA got 10 percent of what it wanted, but it also got an agreement with Technicolor that allows RIAA's inspectors to pop in to its factories at any given time without a notice to check the facilities. Agreement also included a clause that if RIAA will find something illegal, it will first inform Technicolor and parties try to reach a yet another settlement instead of going to court immediately.

Source: Reuters/Forbes

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2 user comments

11.4.2003 0:15

It's not about Pirating movies, and that proves it without reasonable doubt :-/

Best Regards,
Sefy Levy,
Certified Computer Technician.

21.4.2003 9:36

I red an article on where it talked about the NPAA having guards in movie theatres with night vision glasses that would watch for people with cameras and also they would ban any electronic device from entering a movie theatre. This action proves that the USA is far more concerned about Piracy then they are concerned about terrorists who bombed the trade center on 9-11. In fact the government knew of a possible threat. When we are so damned concerned with fraud that we alienate the consummer, we fail to realize that without the consummers we would have no business at all. Hell why not have guards at avery super market or shopping center or grocery store to make damn sure that no one steals a candy bar or a piece of fruit. These organizations keep sucking up the dollars of inocent people around the globe. I won't attend a movie theatre where I have to make sure I take my cell phone off my belt. I am legally Blind and I go nowhere without my phone. I take it with me in case I need immediate help or am lost. So if someone tells me I can't have a cell phone I will remind them if my rights. Voodoohippi (Defender of Free Ciberspace)

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