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Philips adds MPEG-4 support to its reference DVD+R/W recorder

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Apr 2003 16:11

Philips adds MPEG-4 support to its reference DVD+R/W recorder Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips has added Net streaming capabilities to its so-called reference model.
The stand-alone reference DVD+R/RW recorder model will include LAN support and a video codec that will support MPEG-4 and its varieties, such as the recently standardized H.264 -- company also mentions specifically that the player will support DivXNetworks' MPEG-4 codec as well.

The idea behind the "reference models" is that the original manufacturer -- in this case, Philips -- develops fully equipped product that it then licenses as a specification or component-by-component or even exact full product, to third party manufacturers who wish to have their own entrance to the DVD player markets without the research and development required to build a DVD player from the scratch.

The specs don't exactly specify whether the player is capable of playing MPEG-4 videos from the CDs or DVDs, or just simply from the LAN connection.

Source: Electronic Business Online

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