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Samsung releases "surround sound" MP3 player

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2003 13:06

Samsung releases "surround sound" MP3 player Korean consumer electronics giant, Samsung, released a new portable MP3 player on this week that supports so-called "surround sound simulation" -- decoding routines try '(although, most of the times don't manage) to make the stereo audio to sound just like the surround sound.
But despite this feature that sounds pretty much like a feature invented solely for the marketing guys, the player sounds nice enough anyway. Samsung claims that with one AAA-sized battery, the player, Yepp YP-55, can provide over 15 hours of continous playback. Player will also include MP3 recording option and SRS Labs' Trubass low-frequyency enhancement technology. Player will be available in South Korea on next week for $172 (128MB version) or $205 (256MB version). Company hasn't announced schedule for U.S. or European releases.

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Samsung's press release

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