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Madonna's site gets hacked

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Apr 2003 15:26 User comments (12)

Artist Madonna launched her latest album with an anti-piracy campaign in P2P networks, distributing MP3 tracks that looked like actual songs from artist's latest album, but contained simply a voice of Madonna asking "What the fuck do you think you're doing?".
Well, some clever hackers who obviously got relatively angry about artist's attitude against P2P networks, managed to hack her official website,, during the weekend and posting all the tracks from her album American Life for download.

The hacked website simply stated: "This is what the fuck I think I'm doing". After the hacking was noticed, Madonna's site went offline for good 15 hours.

Source: The Register

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12 user comments

123.4.2003 16:27

Yes I read this the other night and I was in bits laughing at it! I saw some screen shots of it too, very funny indeed. Well thats what happens to stupid people who try to stand against p2p!

223.4.2003 20:51

My first time ever visiting ever just because i wanted info on that new political album of hers and there was just a full version of the album just sittin' there chillin'. Heh, I know about madonna or the hackers, but I knew what the fuck I was doin'.

All I want to do, all anybody wants to do, is play free games on they ps2.

324.4.2003 12:19

Very clever hack! I'd buy 'em a beer for that one ... P2P's are being flooded with erroneous files and users should bind together to eliminate the waste! Just my 0.02

425.4.2003 0:09


"Everytime it rains, it rains - Pennies From Heaven"

525.4.2003 6:01

This rocks!!!!

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625.4.2003 7:57

was pretty amused with the nutsbustin response on her again. ok.,dont know if ul have heard this one..heard it fm sum pals..but wann to chk it out fa meself.. the story went,,some streamin audio stations(now i dont know if its the stations or the record companies or who does it actaully) when u hear certain songs on stream it sounds prfect but when u rip the stream ..u get the track interspersed with sounds fm a porn movie..all the oohing and aahing. and shit.. chked it out my slef..and its sveral mp3 s like that.. did anyon get this too?or is it stale news.. nik

726.4.2003 18:03

yea i wanna know about that (porn audio mixes)

828.4.2003 1:06

Madonna is stupid woman who loves Uncle-Saddam, RIAA and IFPI. Shit and Skit.

929.4.2003 3:07

well vic ,chk out THE mix-station on shoutcast

102.5.2003 7:20

quanto sono contenta!!!!!

118.5.2003 1:40

Hahaha that bitch deserves everything bad people can throw at her. btw, American Life sounds like crap, but for some reason it's popular? Just like al those crappy "groups" the "moan" to bass. (Opinion only) Do u share the smae views?

128.5.2003 7:53

anyone ever hear the expression the customer is always right... apparently Madonna feels her customers are criminals...

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