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HighMAT extended to cover DVDs

Written by Jari Ketola @ 07 May 2003 13:42

HighMAT extended to cover DVDs Microsoft and Panasonic announced on Wednesday that they will be extending their HighMAT media access technology to cover DVD-recordable formats as well. DVD-RAM and other recordable formats will be included in the High-performance Media Access Technology (HighMAT) by the end of the year.
HighMAT is a technology designed to offer a common way for PCs to store digital photos, music, videos and other digital files, and provide a standard for consumer electronics devices to access the data. Currently there is no accepted standard that accomplishes this, so there are no stand-alone players that would allow you to, for example, view digital photos stored on a CD or DVD. HighMAT attempts to address this problem.

So far HighMAT has only supported CDs. With the growing popularity of DVD-recordable formats, the extension to cover DVDs as well was a natural move.

HighMAT is currently supported by 14 companies, who have announced one or more HighMAT-capable products. The most recent members of the "HighMAT family" are CD-burning software manufacturer Roxio and audio hardware company Creative Labs


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