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DVDXCopy XPRESS v2.0.1 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 07 May 2003 12:23 User comments (29)

DVDXCopy XPRESS v2.0.1 released Shortly after the first public release of DVD X Copy XPRESS, the fast transcoding tool for backing up DVDs to DVD-/+Rs, 321 Studios have released a minor bug fix update to the tool.
The new version, DVD X Copy XPRESS v2.0.1 has these changes:
  • Reading has been improved and should fix the titleset reading error
  • The Widescreen/Fullscreen selection works as intended
  • Minor graphical updates have been made
  • Better handling of reading and writing errors

The latest version can be downloaded from the DVD X Copy homepage. For more information, visit the official DVD X Copy forums here at

Source: DVD X Copy forums

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29 user comments

17.5.2003 17:06

<Edited for flagrant violation of Forum rules, by A_Klingon>

If i could get my hands on u personally, i would strangle the life out of u, u r the kind of scum that...
Honest criticism is accepted. Outright flaming will not be tolerated. You are under review. -- A_Klingon --
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27.5.2003 18:32

I just currently installed the new version dxce 2.0.1 for some reason i can never get the subtitles to work on any movie all the movies come out great but no subtitles

38.5.2003 0:52

Hello all, I'm new here. I've had successful burns with DVDX, and it appeared to go fine with xpress too... But when I tried to playback on Toshiba it stuck on the opening Warning screen. I haven't had this problem with any other burns played on the Toshib and I am using identical media (Sony DVD+R). Xpress burn seemed successful, finished uneventfully. When upgrading xpress I did uninstall the 2.0... could that be the problem? TIA

48.5.2003 1:18

Hi dani21p and UpLate. Gents, a great deal of help is available here: There are actual 321 Studios' staff members on hand every day to help solve problems you may be having. They are your best bet. -- Mike --

58.5.2003 7:00

Mike aka <A_Klingon>, People don't behave any better here, than you know where. Ain't life just fun? Regards, Jaybo

68.5.2003 8:32

Yep. "Life is just a cher of bowlies". :) I'm glad you guys are better behaved. (Not like me of course). -- Mike --

78.5.2003 10:27

dvd x copy xpress v2.0.1 looks good but does not copy the whole of the film. I copied the film and half is missing emailed 321 automated answer guess ive been duped eh. grateful for any sudjestions

88.5.2003 11:40

You have not been "duped". Visit the link I mentioned above. It's FREE. Xpress does do the whole movie. I know. I'm watching 'Fellowship Of The Ring' as I type this. -- Me --

98.5.2003 11:53

Thanks for the link. I did look there but found no answer related directly to this problem. I can't post there since it is not 48 hrs. since I registered with AfterDawn! Oh well, first time I wished someone else had a problem too. Thanks

108.5.2003 13:12

i tried copying paul mccartney back in the usa and pearl harbour both did not copy and i call the states (im in the UK) and the said yes they have problems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

118.5.2003 13:31

UpLate -- that's very odd. I myself have never been actually 'stuck' at the 321 disclaimer screen, but others have mentioned a similar problem. I doubt there's anything wrong with your Toshiba. What one fellow did was, while in the 321 screen, press the >> next button on the remote. (For next chapter). He was able to get right Out of the 321 screen that way, and the movie started playback. (I bet your burned disc has a perfectly good, playable movie on it). Uninstalling 2.0 before installing 2.1 shouldn't hurt a thing. (That's what I did too). Technically, it isn't (apparently) necessary to do that according to the 321 email I got (while on their download page it say TO uninstall any earlier version). For safety's sake I always get rid of earlier versions first, even to the point of deleting the 321Studios folder in the c:Programs folder. When your 48 hours are up, be sure to ask 321_Q/A (Jeff) about the sticking problem. There's a better than 90% chance he'll reply. Barrie, not all dvds will be successfully copied at this point. Others in the forum link mentioned above are having problems with the McCartney disc as well. Episodic discs (tv shows) are particularly problematic, but XPress is primarily designed for Movie-Only backups at this time. Much later, a Platinum version will be addressing many of the issues that we are now having. For myself, I have recently made gorgeous one-disc backups of 'A Hard Day's Night', 'Monsters, Inc.', 'Back To The Future' Parts 1, 2, and 3, and 'Fellowship Of The Rings', extended version. Try the official forum guys, and don't hesitate to ask Jeff (321_Q/A) for help -- that's what he's there for. Good Luck !! -- Klingy --

128.5.2003 13:38

Thanks Klingy but what about Pearl Harbour thats a movie ? just dissapointed the 2 disks i did didnt work yes it made a graet copy oh monsters inc but hey i'll stay with it cos i paid for it lol

138.5.2003 13:43

tried the link but quaranteed for 48 hours lol

148.5.2003 13:45

Thanks for the reply Klingy. Yes, I know I have a good movie on that disc... I can play it on the PC and it looks great. I tried pressing fast forward, skip, etc on the toshiba. Nothing worked... wouldn't even open/close (disc was engaged), I finally had to UNPLUG the Toshiba and when I plugged it back in, quickly I pressed open to get the disk out. That was at 4am. Went to sleep for a while and tried again this morning...nothing yet. It will work I am sure, just have to figure it out. Thanks for your help, I wait to see if someone else posts on the other board or else I will when my wait time is up. DVDx is Great Product and express is making it better... just gotta work with it abit and it'll be fine.

158.5.2003 13:50

Well, the trouble as I see it, is that there are approximately six million ways to author a dvd menu, and XPress is only one piece of software. It has to try to cope will every buggy menu ever made including ones that contain errors. (Errors?) Yep. One of the Monty Python Flying Circus (episodic) discs even has the word "Fixed" in it's volume disc label!!! I bet many of these discs have 'patched fixes' and include both the errant *and* corrected title sets still on the same disc. (The menu just bypasses the errant vob sets, which in the case of the Monty Python disc, they didn't even bother to remove). This doesn't answer why your Pearl Harbour disc won't back up properly, but 321 keeps a healthy supply of disc titles on hand, and they may have an answer for that particular movie. -- Mike --

168.5.2003 15:53

Seriously, DVDXCopy support issues aren't supposed to come here. Go to the DVDXCopy forums and post your questions there, ok?

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

178.5.2003 18:57

I just downloaded DVDXCopy XPress 2.0.1. Is it normal for the software to ask me to select a burner every time I bootup?

188.5.2003 23:50

chritsu: As said _one line earlier_, post the DVDXCopy support questions to DVDXCopy forums at not here.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

199.5.2003 0:18

Hey Thanks!!! (Ummmm...) What is "Dee-vee-Dee-Ex-Copie"? Where can I get me some of that stuff??? Much obliged!! ;-) (Exiting.....)

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209.5.2003 1:30

Hello, All I am new here. Installed DVD xcopy 2.0 on my Dual boot system Windows98SE worked just fine. Download the new Verson DVDX 2.0.1 installed it on WindowsXP Pro Drive,had problems reading the DVD movie after closing the Drive Pioneer DVR-104 drive,(have upgraded furmware.) Have DVDXCopy Latest Version on this Drive it works just fine. Uninstalled XCOPY 2.0.1 and installed 2.0 works just fine with WindowsXP Pro. but 2.0.1 have problems. Should I try installing it over the 2.0 that works?

219.5.2003 2:02

Seriously, I'm getting rather **ssed now. Next one asking questions in this news commentary that can be clearly categorized as DVDXCopy or XPRESS support questions, will get banned.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

229.5.2003 10:51

Now I'm all amped up.... Who wants to get banned...!!! LOL Everybody better watch out. You won't like dRD when he's angry....Seriously.

2319.5.2003 1:35

Why will DVD XPRESS not copy both parts in Band Of Brothers

2419.5.2003 3:21

Because you were a bad boy, and reposted in this thread when dRD asked you not to. (Visit the DVDXCopy Forum). -- Mike --

2523.5.2003 2:28

i tried makin a baccup of All About The Benjamins....and it error'd like 66% through it with a sector error ...any idea why?..and yes im usin DVDXCOPY Xpress 2.0.1 ThaSiccSense

2623.5.2003 2:30

How hard it is to understand it? All DVDXCopy and XPRESS support questions to DVDXCopy forums at -- not here!

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

2728.5.2003 11:22

I hope to see "Menus" in the next news story...

2818.12.2004 18:14

Does any one could help me. I bought a dvd x copy Platium 321 studios. I instaled it. And the activation is being rejected.

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