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More DVD copy software authors sued

Written by Jari Ketola @ 16 May 2003 12:09 User comments (11)

Paramount Pictures and Twenieth Century Fox have filed for an injunction in New York to bar Internet Enterprises Inc., RDestiny LLC,, and from selling DVD copying software. Meanwhile the lawsuit against 321 Studio is in court in San Francisco.
The movie studios argue that they could be losing billions of dollars in the future, if DVD copying software, such as DVD X Copy XPRESS are ruled legal. The manufacturers of the software feel that consumers should have the right to take backup copies of the movies they own under the "fair use" provisions of the copyright law, and even circumvent copy protections when doing so.


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11 user comments

116.5.2003 12:18

Everyone should band together and start a class-action suit against the whole darn industry and place injunction on Paramount and Fox from selling copy protected or region encoded DVDs. Customers should be able to backup their copies -- even without having to buy special software to defeat copy protection. Fair use must be protected -- it has been trampled on long enough!

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216.5.2003 14:39

Why dont they just make DVD's cheaper so people are not tempted to copy them in the first place? Then if a DVD got damaged then a person could just go out and buy a replacement. This means more sales for the DVD industry, possibly more or about the same revenue. Perhaps they should re-evaluate their finances before hitting other company's figures.

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316.5.2003 18:50

The point of being able to make a backup is in case the DVD is damaged and is no longer available (as in the case of some special editions/issues, or movies that are "out of print")

416.5.2003 23:02

Explain to me how you or I can tape a movie off of cable or free tv with no legal problems , Yet if I want to make a copy of a DVD Movie that I BOUGHT & the wrong people find out ,I will go to jail !!!!! WHAT IS WRONG HERE ??????????

517.5.2003 4:01

Greed, 72morgan, greed. Plain & simple. And I get a little pi---d-off too - I don't know how people get a hold of my personal email address - some dumb-dumbs just sent me an email for "DVD Magick Pro", a collection of freeware & shareware programs (TMPGEnc figures prominently) promising me the world if I buy their software. Absolutely 'perfect' dvd quality on 352x240 1150kbps mpeg1. Yeah, right. I know more about video from this one website alone than the whole DVD MagickPro website put together. On that site, the bulls--t-factor is exceedingly high. Perhaps, if I order their deluxe version, they can even enlarge my p---- (??) Right now, I'm now going to order a 50-pack spindle of DVD+rws from (Let's see, should I go directly to their website, or click the link above???) (Sorry about all the off-topic stuff). -- Mike --

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617.5.2003 5:24

I bought a cd from and they dont author any software at all! all the software on the disk was just software u could get anywhere!!

717.5.2003 6:29

if you are looking to copy dvd's then get 321 studios products they are the real deal not just freeware and that's also why they are the first to get sued

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817.5.2003 16:53

lol, i know a lot more about it now than i did then! lol i have dvdxcopy already! great program but i use DVD2ONE more at the moment!

917.5.2003 23:58

Oh! Oh! Dela, Dela, Dela...... (whatever am I going to do with you)??? Probably one of the smartest lil' whipper-snappers on the board here _ever_, and you went out and actually bought a disc from these people????? (Oh! Oh!) Dela, you've forgotten more than these people know. (How much did you pay?). Yes you're right, you coulda got it _here_ for nuttin'. (But I still like you). -- Klingy --

1019.5.2003 8:40

How about the music and recording industry lower the price so its cheaper then renting or there about so you would buy it in stead of renting it and coping it? the issue of coping dvds would then be removed.... but hey its not like this hasnt happened befor... cssett tape, vcr's, and the cdr have come to the forfront due to 73% of the world having computers and axcess to the net... why dont they offer us a coupon with the first one bought for half off you next perchase? an insentive to buy not the fear of retaliation by a faceless corperation. you'll always get more flies with sugar then vinigar......

1120.5.2003 7:41

People have made copies of cassette tapes, so they could play it in your car..and we all know tapes broke...same principle applies here you should be able to make backup copies of Dvd's for exactly that reason. I think they should go after the real culprits that are MASS producing DVD's and selling them as original DVD's...not the average hobbist who wants a back-up copy. How much money does the industry want to squeeze out of us? If I'm paying 2.00 for a DVD,I'm pretty dam sure the industry is paying .50 cents or less...How much PROFIT is going to be enough? Don't they know that the MASS producers are still going to find a way to copy whatever they want.Leave the lil Guys(girls) alone! I'm going on a Dennis Miller rant so I'm OUT!

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