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Plextor ConvertX - Real-time MPEG-1,2 & 4 video compression

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 May 2003 13:07 User comments (14)

Plextor ConvertX - Real-time MPEG-1,2 & 4 video compression According to the press release, Plextor is enterig the booming video market with a hardware video compression solution. The legendary recordable drive manufacturer is extending it’s operations to a totally new field.
Plextor® Corp. has entered the digital video market with the announcement of ConvertX(TM), a hardware real-time digital video converter and editing device for Windows-based personal computers.
.. As the first product of its kind to support MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 encoding, ConvertX provides users with several options for long-term storage of video. For example, MPEG-1 could be used to record one hour of video on a VCD, while MPEG-2 could be used to record up to two hours of high-quality video on a single DVD. MPEG-4 could be utilized to create highly compressed video archives to save space on a hard disk drive. Users can now store 2 hours of high-quality video on a standard CD or 10 hours on a

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14 user comments

119.5.2003 14:02

Wow! Finally something that works for every format. Can't wait to buy this. Tribal-T

219.5.2003 14:35

Me either. Let nme know when its for sale.

319.5.2003 22:38

So, MPEG4. That includes DivX right?

420.5.2003 2:05

The Plextor ConvertX is scheduled for shipment to distributors and resellers in June 2003 with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $179.00 USD. All product packages include unlimited toll-free technical support and one-year full warranty. Reservations for ConvertX are now being accepted at ------------------------------------------- NICE PRICE !: )

520.5.2003 13:08

The price of a XBOX? Not bad.

622.5.2003 23:27

Herbs, are you going to get it?

723.5.2003 1:51

well it is a usb device which i have tryed from dazzel,adaptec,and ads on my system the ata 100 card and the usb share irq 10 and unless you make a different hardware profile the conflicts between soundcard harddrive and usb will just end up driveing you nuts it seams to be like all the others with mpeg 4 added all the hardware encoders need a lot of cpu to run at full res

823.5.2003 5:54

smg: Maybe not straight away but I'd be tempted after reading some recommendations (as long as they're good of course).

924.5.2003 21:46

Now I'll have to study MPEG. I wonder how it will be at geting rid of copyright.

1025.5.2003 14:14

it wont you have to find your own way around that tommays

1125.5.2003 20:49

knew it was too good to be true for someone with very very limited knowledge

1227.12.2003 6:50

I have the ConvertX and although its a pretty good capture device, the bundled software WinDVD Creator2 sucks. Unfortunately, that's the only software that supports the ConvertX so if you buy this thing, you're stuck with crappy software. Better off converting it to AVI and then using another app to make your DVD's with.

1327.12.2003 7:20

whoa !! Blast from the past... : ]-~

1427.12.2003 11:34

as you can probably guess. Not only am I a newbie, but I just bought this albatross of a capture device. I also just purchased the ADVC100 as well so all is not lost. Just a very expensive lesson in patience. 8)

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