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Puretones to launch an unlimited MP3 download pay service

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 20 May 2003 12:19 User comments (2)

The Spanish has been one of the pioneering companies in commercial online MP3 services. Now they are launching a new service called Puretones, which offers paid MP3 downloads from an unlimited selection of music - previously commercial online music shops have been carving deals with record companies, which limits their inventory. Puretones says that they are utilizing a hole that they have discovered in Spanish copyright laws. If they really are able to pull this, it gives them a clear edge against competitors such as Apple iTunes.
The new Madrid-based company, called Puretunes, is the second Spanish web service to try offering access to a vast and otherwise unavailable catalogue of music online without directly securing the record labels' permission.
.. Javier Siguenza, Puretunes general counsel, said in a statement: "It is evident by the enormous popularity of P2P and supporting MP3 players that the consumers are demanding their music digitally. Puretunes has pioneered a product that allows consumers to get the music they want digitally, without restriction, while compensating the rights holders for their works."

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2 user comments

120.5.2003 13:21

The software is bieng bundled with Grokster. Why pay for music, when the software you are bundling it with, offers it for free?

220.5.2003 13:24

So, the selection is unlimited, but the service isnt free? (Sorry, Im tired, and that part was left a bit unclear)

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