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Real drops Rhapsody prices

Written by Jari Ketola @ 28 May 2003 8:00 User comments (2)

RealNetwork has dropped the price of download&burn song prices at Rhapsody service to 79 cents a piece. That's 20 cents lower than Apple's iTunes.
Unline at iTunes, RealOne Rhapsody customers must pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.95 to get access to the 79-cent downloads. To actually be cheaper than iTunes, one would have to buy 50 tracks at Rhapsody, ie. spend $49.95 a month.

RealNetworks has also increased its investment in the MusicNet to 40 percent. However Real will only provide the technology to MusicNet in the future, and will no longer be offering MusicNet services.


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2 user comments

130.5.2003 8:16

That whole system is stupid and will fail. I would rather pay 14 bucks once and have my music for a long time. Really, only a tard would buy music this way

231.5.2003 8:24

I like my music free or on CDs. Duh. Fuck you realnetworks.

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