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Too expensive DVDs? Stop buying them!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 May 2003 12:32 User comments (11)

At least that's what the Malaysian government instructs. Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk S Subramaniam told the Malaysian consumers to stop quit spending their money on CDs and DVDs to force the industry to lower the prices.
The suggestion to lower prices was made to the music and movie industry to reduce ever growing piracy in the country.

"There are some new local movie releases that are priced at MYR10 ($2.64). The VCDs are affordable and not bootlegged by illegal manufacturers," said Subramaniam. "Those priced at MYR30 ($7.91) and above are normally the ones that get pirated. This proves that the price factor is the main reason why consumers buy pirated CDs and VCDs."

I wonder... If the prices dropped to, say, MYR15, would people rather buy the originals than pirated copies at, for example, MYR10?

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11 user comments

130.5.2003 5:28

Thatīs the question that always comes up, but I do think that lowering prices would reduce piracy, even if it wouldnīt make it go away completely.

230.5.2003 6:48

I think iTunes has the right idea. Now that people have high speed internet, online sources should offer movies. You could have a virtual movie theater at DVD quality. Or just be able to buy and download your favorite scene from a move. The only good scene in the Attack of the clones is the Yoda fighting scene. I wouldn`t buy the whole movie, but I would buy just that fight sequence.

331.5.2003 4:41

I doubt that selling specific scenes from movies would be viable, most people prefer to watch whole movies.

431.5.2003 12:48

I agree the whole movie is better then little cuts. But how many people start watching the Matrix the momement Neo and Trinity enter the building on there kill all the cops mission? I think there still would be a market, and it would be cheaper to just get your favourite scenes.

51.6.2003 8:39

But how many people start watching the Matrix the momement Neo and Trinity enter the building on there kill all the cops mission?
Yeah, Iīve done that a few times.

61.6.2003 11:30

there is no doubt that I would pay for movies of great quality that were a good price - this 15-30 dollars a pop for a new dvd is ludicrous, they encourage piracy with these prices. They are still making tons of money and keep complaining that they are not breaking intake records fast enough. How about investing in some plot and less pyrotechs and digital touch ups

72.6.2003 7:13

well if the proffit is lost due to piracy then a change needs to be made ... it would only help them to lower the cost to say 7.95 for new movies , I know, why the odd amount well their an odd group $1.00 to burn it .95 to shipit and $1.00 for the investment. that leaves $5.00 proffit per cd.... so if the sell 100,000 thats 500,000 clear.. now they will cry and they will bitch but they will sell and really for the hassel who would burn a copy of something that cost so little.... and re release the old movies and tv series for the masses.... missed opertunities because Ted Turner owns a hole bunch of them... but hey Id by them just for memoribielia sake.....

82.6.2003 9:30

J.Price the movie expense is almost entirely covered after a couple of weeks in the theatre. $13.50 for a show in Toronto! What the cost of the DVD is mainly is advertising. If they limited the advertising, then DVD could be more realistic. I would pay $15 to $10 for new release and less than $10 after a while out.

910.7.2003 13:15

That part in matrix is the only part i watch from. And in Star Wars Attack of the clones the part where they are about to excecute anakin, amidala, and obi-wan

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1017.7.2003 17:08

but nevertheless prices of dvd are dropping slowly but surely they are!!

mAkE wAy 4 tHe BaD GuY

1117.7.2003 18:21

They are dropping, i would happily pay around Ģ7.99 for a DVD.

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