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Nullsoft releases WASTE -- AOL pulls the plug

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 31 May 2003 4:09 User comments (4)

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4 user comments

12.6.2003 12:30

Well the source to wasted was released so I am sure something exactly like it will come out. It sucks that winamp is under AOL.

33.6.2003 07:40

Seems like it would have beena good idea. Too bad they pulled the plug on it. Is it possible that AOL is afraid that it would draw attention away from their ever-popular AIM?

410.11.2003 04:52

It does suck that WinAmp is under AOL, I do agree there, but it also sucks that AOL even exists period! It is by far the worse program, no matter how many versions they make of it. Plain and simple, it sucks. The ONLY reason I have EVER used AOL is when I go home and my family doesn't have internet connections of their own or broadband, I will sign up for a "free trial" of AOL for like....what is it now.....80 cajillion free hours?? Whatever the case, that's the only time I use it, when there is NOTHING else to's my last resort...I would rather plug an RJ-45 cable in my azz and make phone calls through my penis then use AOL. :-) Krys :-)

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