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BSA sniffs at Asian sites

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 Jun 2003 12:38 User comments (2)

Business Software Alliance has launched an anti-piracy campaigns which is targeted towards the Asia-Pacific region. According to the source BSA is sniffing for websites and users of P2P file sharing software in the region, in order to find illegally distributed software. The source reports that BSA is using a web crawling software for the campaign.
So far, software-swapping Web sites have been found in Singapore, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and China, he said.
Many of these Web sites discovered by the crawler have been shut down by the Internet service providers (ISPs) still hosting them after being served with a legal letter called a "notice of take-down" by the

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2 user comments

15.6.2003 19:20

Download and RUN Earth Station 5. It has Encrypted file sharing capabilities and can use SSL Proxy technology. This prevents anyone from snagging your IP. Go to to DL this. I did and lots of content. The Leaders will soon use this instead of IRC. Yes it is a little cheesey with the sci-fi theme, but the app works and attracts even the average user. Colledge students will be glad to know that the UDP protocol is untracable PROVIDED YOU SET IT UP RIGHT AND TAKE THE TIME TO GET THE PROXY SERVERS WITH SSL and make sure you only share files using the SSL proxy servers. Freedom for the Filesharing community has commath and guess what the BSA is screwed. No need for crawlers here. Voodoohippi (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

211.6.2003 7:04

can not get on the reply,reset account!!!!I'm receive inactive".

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