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Sony launches music downloads in the UK

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2003 15:11

Sony has been the only major record label that hasn't been selling its music in digital format over the Net in Europe. Now this has changed since Sony licensed its music catalogue to British online music firm OD2.
Through OD2, which was founded by Peter Gabriel, Sony's music will be available through various British websites, including BT, Freeserve and MTV UK. OD2 is the only company in Europe who has managed to get music licenses from all five major record labels. But the deal with Sony has one big nag -- unlike rest of the labels, Sony wont allow distributing its material EU-wide, but insist limiting the distribution only to the UK. This might prove impossible, since AFAIK everything that is sold in any EU country over the Net, has to be available to other EU countries as well.

Source: Reuters

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