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RIAA sued 18 retailers

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2003 14:59 User comments (1)

RIAA has sued 18 American retailers, most of them small businesses, claiming that they were selling pirated CDs.
The businesses named in the suit included gas stations, small music stores and convenience stores. RIAA started its campaign against businesses selling pirated CDs "on the side" in December and sent notices to many companies asking them to agree with RIAA's terms for dropping the lawsuits. The 18 now named in the suit didn't comply with the request.

As much as most consumers disagree with some of the RIAA's ideas, I personally think that people who make pirated CDs to sell them for profit should be prosecuted. Not that artists would notice much of a difference in their salaries, but anyway..

Source: Reuters via Yahoo!

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118.6.2003 5:11

Yeap. Real pirates should be held accountable and sued to death. But the RIAA needs to be sued for violation of fair-use (and more importantly stifling freedom of speach). The priates and RIAA/MPAA/etc are all the same in my book. Just a matter of who is doing the stealing and who has more lawyers.

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