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DVD overtakes VHS in rental numbers

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Jun 2003 8:34 User comments (8)

DVD overtakes VHS in rental numbers DVD movie rentals overtook VHS in numbers units rented last week. Three months ago DVD rental revenues surpassed VHS, but it took a while longer to do the same in units. Last week 28.2 million DVDs were rented against 27.3 million VHS tapes.
It's no wonder really. VHS is slowly, but surely, fading away. Especially in rental business VHS tapes are clumsy, and the picture and audio quality falls with each viewing. And I'm sure no-one likes rewinding tapes before returning them. DVD media has also made services like Netflix possible.

It took DVD only six years to outpace the 25-year-old VHS format.

The Washington Times

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8 user comments

122.6.2003 11:19

Concerning Vhs there is no doubt that the quality declines with each usage, I wish someone would put some of my favorite movies I have on Vhs onto Dvd. I tried myself but I would get alot of feedback or static lines in my Movies when I tried to capture them to my harddrive, thus making a very bad Movie. But anyway back to the Dvd Rental, I have only one bone to pick about renting Dvd movies from netflix ("Which I Am A Current Member") is sometimes I get movies that are so scratched up I have to send them back to be replaced. Not only does this affect how many Dvd I can Rent in a month, but its also makes me have extra trips to the post office. I was also wondering isn't this more costly to the rental company's having to replace the movies that some people can't seem to be able to handle with care? Ok enough of my ramblings an whining. L8R

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222.6.2003 16:05

I would be interested to know where you got the information on DVD overtaking VHS in terms of video rentals. As far as i am aware, DVD Rentals make up a smaller percentage of the UK movie rentals. A link to this information would be helpful Thanks Chris

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323.6.2003 1:47

Oriphus: The source link, Washington Post. The figures are for American rental stats, not global.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

423.6.2003 2:02

Thats the way it should be, out with the old in with the new!

523.6.2003 15:07

I like movies.

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623.6.2003 19:16

dRD: Are the stats American Rental Movies in general or are they through a particular rental company, such as Blockbuster. That would be quite a signal to the digital world.

724.6.2003 1:58

American. They have nationwide system that most rental stores are linked to that keeps track of rental figures.

824.6.2003 4:31

Well just wait and it will be all over Europe too like it damn well should be!

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