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Artists refuse to sell single tracks

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Jun 2003 3:50 User comments (13)

Artists refuse to sell single tracks Despite the whopping success of Apple's iTunes online music store, some popular artists have refused to sell their music in single track format.
Artists claim that the "get only what you want" model undermines their art, in this case, the concept of a full album (order of the songs and the "full picture" all the tracks on the album together create) and are also worried about the fact that selling all the material in single track format might have a negative effect on their album sales.

The monetary issue is, IMHO, rather ridiculous for most artists, since (as far as we've understood) they get almost the same amount for selling two tracks through iTunes as they would get for selling a one physical copy of their album. Anyway, some artists, such as Linkin Park, have pulled their single track selection from iTunes, but continue to offer full album downloads through the service.

Other artists with similiar issues include Madonna and Green Day among others.


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13 user comments

123.6.2003 4:59

Negitive effect on album sales is kinda true though, the numbers of cd's sold will go down but the profits probably wouldnt be hit hard! Simple fix though! Lower the damn price of an album!

223.6.2003 7:45

Better than lowering the price! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! These stupid artists can kiss my butt! If they can't change, then they will go the same way the RIAA is going....EXTINCT!!

323.6.2003 7:51

By the way, need I remind anybody that the whole REASON thant Napster....the grandaddy of p2p came into play was because people were TIRED of the record industry shoving FULL ALBUMS down peoples throat??! Now it looks like some artists (not all thankfully!) are being stupid about it also! When are they gonna learn that if you don't give the people what they want, they will pass you by?? It has already happened with various forms of p2p....if I was them I would think twice about making stupid statements like that!

423.6.2003 8:11

Gosh, I hope this doesn't force artists to make albums full of good songs instead of slapping a few hit singles on what is otherwise a disc full of static.

523.6.2003 9:40

you said it Gai. There is so much crap in 90% of albums sold today. Consumers don't want it stinking up there living space! Get a clue, sell your best singles and let your real (blind and deaf) fans buy the rest of garbage that the plaster on the disc. If an album is great full of fantastic songs, people would buy it even if it was twice the price. If they are such artist; then let them starve a little so they can put some soul in their music!

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623.6.2003 9:56

Well the artists now that the rest of the album is crap, that's why they are trying to force you to buy the whole thing.

723.6.2003 10:59

What the artists are worried about in this case is there amount of albums sold will be going down. And you know the way artists are judged on how many sales they make! So in a way you can understand their worry from a non finacial view! However, what they need to realise is things change, nothing they can do about it so just accept it and run with it! I guarantee in 10 years most of the worlds music will be bought on the net!

823.6.2003 13:24

I'd recommend the artists to sell the hits themselves such as via their website and ditch the middlemen (music industry)! They will be able to cut the price for their music this way (more attractive) as well as get much bigger percentage of what the customer pays.

923.6.2003 14:56

If the service is only for full albums, I will still go for the "buy it off line cheap, burn it, and resell it" method. As long as I only want one or two songs from an album, then I am not going to pay full price. If the artists are not willing to sell songs individually, then P2P networks will still thrive more than legit online music stores. I dunno about you but I would rather download one track for free or even for a low price than buy an entire CD to get that same song. If the artists are more concerned about getting the whole feel of their album out to their fans rather than the money, then they should not complain when they continue to loose money through P2P networks.

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1024.6.2003 4:13

test. ignore.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1124.6.2003 10:14

Well the RIAA tells the artists what to say and do. They believe everything that the RIAA says. In the 70's you'd buy a entire album to get the feel of it like Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon or THE MOODY BLUES albums. Could you imagine buying pink floyd songs like say Time or maybe On The Run. It would spoil the feel. But artists don't do Album Rock anymore if they did you would see more people actually buying CDs. When Album Rock died so did the sales of entire albums. Most albums aren't worth buying. Like Everlast's album with that song "Do you really know what its like" The rest of the album is not blusey at all. So why would I buy a piece of crap like that to get one sone. The CD single sells for about $15 as an Import. Now why would I buy a song for $15? Yes it is a Maxi Single for $15. This is why we continually DL songs and screw the industry. I feel proud of myself every time I use ES5 with SSL proxy protection so no one knows who I am. Get it at and stop worring about getting caught. Just update your proxys and your all set and the RIAA can cry like a ball baby about it. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

1224.6.2003 15:00

Whats diference if this person buys cd and burn in and put in his P2P filesharing.He can do whatever he wants.Thats whats the P2P netwoks for.

1324.6.2003 16:00

According to the RIAA we are not suppose to distribute Copywrite meterial. And guess what now they want to grag the FBI into it. Well it is sad to thenk that the huge corporations would have the government believing that p2p is in the same catagory is crimes such as murder. Glad to see that our justice has the time to waste on a joke of a law knowen as copywright. it is a stupid greedy oriented law in the first place. Boy is the USA generous? Excuse me while I throw up. Voodoohippie (Defender of FREE cyberspace)

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