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DVD X Copy XPRESS v2.5.2 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Jun 2003 12:39 User comments (53)

321 Studios has released a new version of DVD X Copy XPRESS, which addresses the following issues:
 ·Chapter issue which caused many players like the Toshiba 2800 to not function properly.
 ·Improved the reading, this should decrease the occurrence of Error reading sectors and may help prevent the audio skipping seen with many apex players.
 ·Fixed issues with the audio language Ask Me option.
 ·Fixed a bug that caused only the first letter to be used as the volume label for the backed up disc.
 ·Fixed a bug that caused the subtitle selection screen to have no text.
 ·Fixed a bug that caused all the dialogs to contain no text if you installed 2.5.2 over top of 2.5.0, you can now install over top previous versions as intended.

Customers who have bought XPRESS can download the update from DVD X Copy home page. If you haven't bought one yet, check out the home page for current prices and rebates.

Please see XPRESS 2.5.2 Problems / Issues thread for known issues with the release. If you have problems yourself, that's the correct place for posting them. For more information, visit the DVD X Copy support forums.

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53 user comments

126.6.2003 12:46

i sometimes wonder if these are real updates or they just do it when they realise that crackers have cracked all their programs. if they are real bugs then they deserve to be shot for releasing so many error ridden programs that they charge up to 100 bucks for.I mean we have had 2.0, 2.1, 2.5.0, 2.5.1 and now 2.5.2 in the space of a month ! That's ridiculous...get your act together 321 please

226.6.2003 12:53

Its not just errors but improvements. They release them ,take on everyones feedback and improve it. Im glad they do it.

326.6.2003 13:05

I have just purchased DVD X copy, It doesnít work!! I contacted there technical department with the error code and they said they now about the problem and it will be fixed in future releases. So I asked for my money back as per there money back guaranty. I have sent 2 email per day asking for a refund but so far (6 days) they havenít replied. They have taken the money from my credit card (Iíve checked). So Iíve paid $69.99 for nothing!!

426.6.2003 13:43 and a thousand others i'm afraid have found 321 all too ready to take the money off you and impossible to contact when you want it back..their customer services record is absolutely appalling. Telephone the credit card company and tell them that you have not received what they promised you and ask them to refund the payment to your credit card...a very common procedure these days.

526.6.2003 14:37

I've had no XPress-related problems with 2.5.0, 2.5.1, or 2.5.2. (Nothing that could be attributed to the software). And if you're happy with any particular version of DXCXpress, you don't necessarily need to re-install a new version whenever it comes out. Further, updating is as simple as clicking-on the "Update" link you see when you first run XPress. (You have to be online on course).

626.6.2003 16:55

i have never had a problem with any product they have. it works perfect both express and reg

726.6.2003 17:53

Hi I usually copy movie with spanish subtitle, but I having trouble with some of the. For example Die Another day, Kangaroo Jack, it doesn't copy the spanish subtitle and Kangaroo jack not even in spanish sound. Any help please???


826.6.2003 22:58

i have a dvd copy plus... and everything is fine except that when i played the movie the sound keep skipping for 1 second thru the whole movie.please help me to correct this.... i have played all my( new) dvd movies in my dvd players and they are doing fine

927.6.2003 3:05

Alexescob, Please post your questions to the DVD X Copy support forums (eg. the TDF file requests forum).

Jari Ketola

1027.6.2003 9:29

I am having trouble trying to make a back up copy of the Wind Walkers, Nicolas Cage.I go through all the steps, using DVD X copy express , I agree, and then start.but nothing happens just stops, I have had this happen befor,any idea Help Please.

1127.6.2003 12:49

well afterdawn won't appreciate you putting your "doesn't work" comments in here..there is a special forum for that away from the public eye. Or haven't you noticed before the link between afterdawn and 321 ? BIG adverts paid for by 321 to afterdawn's main pages and afterdawn hosts 321's forum pages...go figure.Or why else would it be that every 321 release is given MAJOR coverage here and other programs which do the same thing only better and for free (like dvd shrink 2.3) aren't even mentioned on the main page, or at least not with hte same coverage that 321 is, even if 321's software is all directly copied from the transcoding engine of dvd shrink and their burn software copied from vcd gear.

1227.6.2003 16:38

I with like say thank you and wish you the best of luck during your fight for our rights to back-up material in dvd form. I have to say xpress is the best product. I bought my copy around dec 9, 2002. I can't wait for platium edition. To buy it and download and soon it becomes it available.

1327.6.2003 17:06

domie: We don't have any other relationship with 321 other than the fact that they advertise on our site and we run their forums on our site for free -- the benefit for us for running their forums is to get AfterDawn's brand in front of more users and get them to visit our site as well. Anyway, XPRESS's engine is totally different from Shrink's -- one German mag ran a long coverage of all "one-click solutions" in last month and they have the bitrate and quality analysis charts in the mag, you can see the differences totally clearly. DVD2One was the first transcoding tool, X Copy was the first one-click splitting tool -- since then, the market place has become rather crowded. I think it is fair to say that we release news articles about 321's updates, but I think you normally don't spit on face of the guy who you do business with? But we have covered all DVD2One's major releases, ran a rather big story about original release of Shrink, promoted a CloneDVD review, etc -- and didn't run story about Shrink's last major update to v2.x because we had the tool updated on our site two days before there were any changelogs available. It's rather dumb to write a story "DVD Shrink has been updated, but we don't a have a foggiest idea what has changed". But as far as bias goes -- we have never and never will, stopped being independent news source -- if there is a story, we write it. And when we compare products, only thing that matters to us, are the facts -- for me, DVD2One, XPRESS and DVD95Copy still produce better quality transcoding results than Shrink -- not much, but tiny bit. But Shrink beats other tools hands down when speaking of flexibility. We aren't fundamental about stuff like "everything has to be free, only open-source and freeware tools can be accepted -- advertisements are evil". There are guys who believe in that and we admire them, but that's not us.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1427.6.2003 17:36

I think it's like ... if you like the product and it does the job for ya then support it. These people have to eat too. Who really cares if you use more than one tool to get the job done. You could probably say ... what a dummy to buy ( or support ) more than one product but I as of yet don't see the "All In Wonder, Do All " copier. I do think that DVD X COPY EXPRESS is too expensive for what it does.

1527.6.2003 20:41

I bought Xpress but the last 10 minutes of every dvd were un playable would skip garble then freeze, what good is putting a movie on 1 dvd if the last 10 minutes are not viewable, still waiting for refund 1 week later, check the last chapter and let me know all those who say it works

1627.6.2003 21:29

rsurf: Another user in the DVDXCOPY forum (which is where you should be), has experienced your problem too, but he found it was his set-top player, and not the burned-disc itself, that was at fault. .....check the last chapter and let me know all those who say it works. Fine. I have checked all the last chapters of my 22, newly-made backups, and works.. Regardless of movie length.

1728.6.2003 8:30

321 are still not giving me a refund despite my software not working Stating they cant give me a refund because I have aplied for ther $20 mail in discount! Thing is I never had any discount - more bull s**t. Even if I had that would be no reason not to refund my money less any discount(if ther was any, but their wasn't)as under UK law (I wouldn't be supriced if the US had a simler one) you are entiteled to a refund if goods are not of merchantisable quolity and sutable for the purposes of witch they are sold

1828.6.2003 17:15

Just received my refund thank goodness, Look I tried the disks on different players same result , What DVD xpress seems to do is a 1:1 copy until the end when they try and jam and compress too much at the end, I will wait for the 9gb dvd+_rw

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1928.6.2003 17:51

error writing disk

Anthony Gaffney

2028.6.2003 21:37

I tried Xpress, big mistake too many problems...also took 2-3 weeks just to get my refund.

2129.6.2003 15:08

i just hope everybody is paying attention to all these complaints about refusals to refund, particularly the admin at afterdawn because you are supporting a VERY dishonest company. Don't tell me that if they charge up to $100 for every program sold that they can't afford to employ some staff to sort out these problems...but they haven't ! Took me 2 months and threats of legal action to get my refund after 37 emails and 22 phone calls...some of which were transferred out to a subcontracted telephone operator who didn't know what i was talking about and told me to ring the same number again and hope they didn't transfer me ! There are so many just as good products on the market like dvd shrink that we really shouldn't bother with these thieves taking us for a ride

221.7.2003 4:14

Refunding purchased software is quite unheard of in most countries. You buy a software and that's it. If you don't like it, tough break. It's so easy to pirate software nowadays that it'd be insanity to accept returns on opened software items. Maybe it takes a couple of weeks to get the refund sorted, but 2-3 weeks is not a long time by any means. I'm sure 321 Studios' customer support is swamped. Hats off to 321 for providing a refund service in the first place. I know I wouldn't. Way too many people would just abuse it to get free software. You know there is a trial version available, too...

Jari Ketola

231.7.2003 7:44

I don't think people would be complaining about refunds if 321 had better customer service...& for what its worth the customer service sucks!

241.7.2003 9:24

And for what it's worth, please direct all further queries, problems, comments, whines, bitches, moans, and assorted rants to any of the multiple sections of the multi-faceted DVDXCopy Support Forum, where you'll learn an awful lot more than you're going to find out here. This is a News Thread. -- Klingy --

251.7.2003 9:52

321 still refusing me a refund, as for the comments that if "Refunding purchased software is quite unheard of in most countries. You buy software and that's it. If you don't like it, tough break" thatís crap. Most countries accept that un-merchandisable products must be refunded. Its worth noting that the person who made the ďrefunding unheard of (crap) comment is a site administrator. In fact all the comments of defence of 321 seem to be from staff of afterdawn! Draw your own conclusions.

261.7.2003 10:41

I don't know about taking your comments else where .... it seems that this is supposed to be comments made about the product DVD X COPY EXPRESS 2.52. If people are having problems with the product then they really are justified in stating that. I used it twice and it didn't meet my needs because I want more control over compression so I prefer DVDSHRINK 2.3 but everyone has a different set of circumstances and who knows if their OS is corrupted or not. Absolutely alot of variables to consider before I would put a stake through the heart.

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271.7.2003 10:49

byteback I too am a moderator, and all I can say is that 321 Studio's software has changed my life. I am much more handsome now since starting to use the program. I used to be a little overweight, but after only three backups, I have lost 15 pounds!! I was able to get three separate refunds, even though the program was a birthday gift from me mom. My migrain headaches have all but disappeared now, my skin rash has cleared up wonderfully, and my weenie has gained 1-1/2 solid inches. And if you really want to get a refund, then go to the frickken' DVDXCopy support form... ... and notice that others there have received a refund directly from 321. Be polite when you ask Robert for a refund, and you just might get it. If fact, check out any of the other threads to assure yourself that, if you cannot genuinely get your copy of DVDXCopy/Express to run on your particulat setup, 321 will NOT leave you in the lurch. Quit bitching. This is a news thread.

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281.7.2003 11:35

A_Klingon So its Robert is it? Glad to know you are on first name terms, perhaps he appreciates the size of your dick, but I donít wish to know. For the record I have approached 321 through the correct channels and have now contacted the credit card company. I only give my personal and true account of my experience with 321 I am sure others have had good experiences as well as bad I believe people have a right to know how a firm deals with complaints thatís why I have posted my comments. I will eventually get my money back ether from them or from the credit card company. Either way I will keep people informed. Your poor attempt at sarcasms does you or your site no justice. I canít make out weather you are scared of the truth or you are just trying to keep a major financial contributor to your site happy.

291.7.2003 12:01

wow...this is getting hostile...not good...for some xpress & other 321 products work awesome & others have problems. can't we all get along : 0 ) A_Klingon...what dvd rw do you have? I have tried xpress with my a04 & a05 maybe pioneer products have problems with 321 products. even tho that shouldn't be the case. Have a nice day dj

301.7.2003 12:13

A Philips DVD+ RW 200. 321 tech have informed me that it is a known problem with my video card and it will be fixed in future releases. That may be so but I have now been put onto a better and totally free product - DVD Shrink, that work great. If 321 had sorted my tech problem earlier, thing may have been different, but they didnít. They have a refund grantee, I have a legal entitlement to a refund, but instead of doing the right thing they donít reply to emails and go through this song and dance

311.7.2003 12:54

This is getting seriously too hostile. I suggest that the further DVDXCopy issues would be addressed in DVDXCopy forums and not in the news commentary area.

321.7.2003 13:08

No hostility from me Ė just trying to tell it as it happens and keep people informed with NEWS of what is happening about my lack of refund. Does that worry you?

331.7.2003 13:12

I guess right now would be the time for the question .... Just how many satisfied customers are there compared to unhappy ones or we all could just pack it and have a fish fry:))))

341.7.2003 13:32

The satisfied customer never returns to praise the product. Apart from Klingy, that is. He's here boasting his washboard-abs all the time. ;-) What a miraculous piece of software.

Jari Ketola

351.7.2003 15:13

Good lord! Go web-surfing for a couple of hours, come back, and look what I find? djillini -- I use the Pioneer DVR-105 burner (virtually identical to your A-05). I have upgraded the firmware revision to 1.33, and I couldn't ask for better burns from DVDXCopy Xpress. bobw2000 and Ketola -- your point has been brought up before. Of the thousands of copies of DXC now in use, only the smallest percentage of users cannot get the program to run up to their expectations, on their particular computer setups. It seems in retrospect that in the DVDXCopy forum, there are a lot of problems, but only because that is a problem-solving-forum. That is it's overall purpose. Relatively few, completely satisfied users will repeatedly post in that Forum unless they have questions. And since *thousands* of users are quite obviously happy with DVDXCopy, that brings me to..... byteback -- I'm not in a hostile mood today, so please don't tempt me. I am sorry you seem to be having problems with not only the software, but also as a result of that, trouble obtaining a refund. The reason I provided the link above, is simply because it is a fairly direct line to Robert H. Moore (yes, I happen to 'know' him; I've never met him; and what does that have to do with anything anyway?) -- and others have specifically asked for a refund in THAT particular thread. Since you haven't mentioned it, have you even _been_ to the forum? Here, you might get some sympathy -- over there you are more likely to get a favourable response. Which do you need/want the most? - Klingy -

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361.7.2003 17:19

A_Klingon .... well spoken .. and enough said.

371.7.2003 22:39

A_Klingon donít wish to provoke you or anyone, donít wish for sympathy, donít wish to go to any more forum, donít wish to meet Robert H. Moore, donít wish to know if you do. Just want my money back and to keep people informed of what is happening on the forum where I started informing people about the problem. For some obscure reason you seem to have a problem with that!

382.7.2003 13:24

Yes, you're right. Yep, that must be it. You're right. OK. You've convinced me. You win. Glad it's all figured out now. Have a nice day. :-) -- Klingee --

394.7.2003 10:36

i bought dvd xcopy xpress and my harddrive crashed i have the cd but i my roommate throw away the codes to activate it. can anyone please help me

404.7.2003 10:41

carbo: Nice try. Call 321Studios, they'll give you new activation codes based on your name, email address, etc.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

414.7.2003 12:10

I hope is my problems are about to be resolved. 321 have agreed to give me a refund I will post (hopefully just one more time) when I actually get it.

424.7.2003 19:24

YaY! I'm happy you're going to get your refund, byteback. (truly!) If you'll notice, member rsurf (above) got his refund too. If 321 has agreed to refund your purchase price, rest assured, you will receive it. (It's a terrific program, though), and no, this is not an ad. Btw, you never did tell us why it wouldn't work for you, but regardless, congratulations. -- Mike --

435.7.2003 3:47

I got the error message says I am running soft ice. To the best of my knowledge I have no such program. 321 said it was a known problem and would be fixed in future releases, but they could not tell me when. If I could have got it working Iíd have been happy to pay the money and keep the software. As I have had such problem with their support/refund I would now be reluctant to try future releases. And thatís a pity. I lose the opportunity to buy software to back up my DVDís and they lose a customer Ė nobody wins! Buy the way the refund hasnít actually arrived back on my credit card yet.

445.7.2003 4:43

[To admins]: I know this is a news update thread, but in this one case may I just continue on a tiny bit more....? byteback, that is bizarre! (I don't doubt your word). Never heard tell of that happening before. Would you be willing to try a short test (while you're waiting for the refund)? See if you can run the free 14-day trial version of XPress (couldn't hurt). You can get it here: You have to fill out a short form before downloading, but what the heck? (You never know). In the meantime, I've posted a question to (all) in the DVDXCopy forum about 'soft ice'. After looking through and doing a general google websearch, I can find no mention of this program. -- Mike --

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455.7.2003 5:19

I will download the trial now. If you wish I can email anyone a printscreen of the error message

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465.7.2003 5:37

(I hope we can get you 'on board', byteback. :) Update: Green Room (dvdxcopy) member 'ireland' has clarified a bit. It seems, "SoftICE Driver Suite is a suite of the core device driver tools that accelerate the development and debugging of Windows device drivers". (Oh oh - I do not like the sound of that! The description alone would make me steer clear of any softice installation. If you have never used this before, I can't imagine why DXC is giving the error message, unless there is something similar on your system that is confusing DXC. byteback, try your luck with the trial, (you might want to de-install any dxc you may have on your system first), and I'll do a bit more research as time permits. Good Luck ! --- Mike ---

475.7.2003 8:47

Tried the demo and got this error message. Error 1337. Conflicting Aplication is running. Please shut down all other applications and run DVDxCopy again or contact 321 Studios support. Used a program called enditall to close all programs - still same error

485.7.2003 9:05

(Yep) - Sadly, in this case, it looks like a 'no-go'. :-( Message From : "2 weeks ago I downloaded a trial version of DVDXCopy. When I tried to open the program it came up with 'runtime error - will not work with SOFTice loaded". Bummer, bummer. Particularly since you haven't run softice (that you know of). It'll probably only depress you, but a search for "softice" (one word) in the dxc forum, will lead to other users' frustrations in the same regard. Under the circumstances byteback, I think a refund is warranted. [sigh.......] (Oh well, we tried). (Until the issues are worked out, DVDShrink is free !!!) [thank you to the admins for their patience in letting us try to work this one out] -- Klingy --

495.7.2003 9:18

Oki Mike, you had your little support effort. Now, next one who tries to gain DVDXCopy/XPRESS support in this news commentary will get banned. All DVDXCopy support posts should be posted to

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

505.7.2003 9:20

Tried DVDShrink and it works fine on most DVD's

519.7.2003 2:38

dvd express is the best version yet. i been using dvd x copy since dec 2002. i was hard in the beginning being computer newbie, thru trial & error found out which programs don't mix while running my express. I wish Mr.Moore the best for his efforts to fight for our rights . Can't wait for platium edition to come out. I buy that version. also. Keep the great work.

529.7.2003 22:50

Checked my credit card statment, and my refund was credited on July 4th

5310.7.2003 0:34

Thanks for the final update, byteback. (Mike)

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