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Guy who leaked "Hulk" pleads guilty

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 26 Jun 2003 15:19 User comments (23)

Kerry Gonzales has admitted of leaking the new blockbuster movie "Hulk" to the Internet two weeks before its U.S. premiere.
The New Jersey man can now face up to 3 years in prison and $250,000 fine -- although such penalties are highly unlikely to happen. Once the movie leaked to the Net, film's producer Vivendi Universal took quite rare steps to catch the source of the leaked movie and invited FBI to the investigation.

Gonzales obtained so-called screener copy of the movie in advance through his friend who works in the advertising company related to the movie's promotion process. He copied the movie to his computer and shared it with his IRC channel friends. He will by sentenced September 26th.

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23 user comments

126.6.2003 15:35

Ahh, too bad! that was kinda asking for it now if i must say so myself!

226.6.2003 18:34

hmmmm I bet he wishes he would have waited till the Dvd came out. ;-) Also wonder if he an his buddy are still friends? HeHe

Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

326.6.2003 20:36


426.6.2003 21:24

I just think it is funny that he didnt have the sense to remove the serial first, i mean that must have been how they tracked him! lol

527.6.2003 3:20

Am' not impress with the FBI... Horrible... thats the weakest crime compare to the terrorist did who killed many people. I understand it's illegal but how about those most wanted killers in the U.S. (especially in the city of Los Angeles) are still on the loose?? Maybe those criminals/terrorist are enjoying this extraordinary, significant, outstanding entertainment called "THE HULK".

627.6.2003 7:51

I wonder if they will release in detail how they got him. Shame the FBI got involved, soon they will be swamped investigating all the rest of the "wicked" P2P people, gonna use up tons of manpower. Anyway, he was inviting big trouble, should have been smart and opened his own private theater, could have made a fortune :-) before the premier. Patience is a virtue!

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728.6.2003 2:19

lol, it must have been through a serial number identifying the studio and then whoever was in charge of the copies! Thats the only thing I can think of!

828.6.2003 2:34

SOOOOO,, This means that uncle sam get all my tax money to chase guys who make little hd copies of a new realese, may be I really got a bad job,,a also wondering if men in black are real FBI agents?? , the hulk is pretty bad movie mmmmmmmm mmmm anyway ,,, FBI getting involved in a imposible mission wow/ the tracked of the green joker.

928.6.2003 3:16

lol, the hulk is not pretty bad, the hulk is terrible, talk about worst movie of the year, i thought i was watching shrek!

1028.6.2003 8:56

His sentence should be to sit down and watch The Hulk. All 2 hours and 20 mins of it.

1128.6.2003 9:14

Dela, No way could you have thought you were watching Shrek!!! That was a good movie! jodge407, Have a heart. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies. Nobody should have to watch this true monstrosity.

1228.6.2003 17:19

this guy in my area recently got caught for using a home made satalite dish and decryption utilites for his cable tv and high speed internet conection. he got 5 years in prison and when he gets out he'll be paying fines for the rest of his life somthing like $5000 dollars a month or somthing ridiculous....cable tv insnt worth it but I think the high speed internet connection might be eheh.. :)


1328.6.2003 17:37

Dela, No way could you have thought you were watching Shrek!!! That was a good movie!
WOW someone thinks it is good???? :O??

1428.6.2003 17:43

That wasnt the real Hulk it was an imposter@#! way the movie suked


1528.6.2003 17:45

didnt it just what a let down what a disappointment

1628.6.2003 17:48

You know what really sucks is I can still remember watching the Incredible hulk when I was a kid. He He Damn I must be Old ;-)

Despite All My Rage - I'm Still Just A Rat In A Cage!

1729.6.2003 15:47

I can remember that too when they were showing it!

1830.6.2003 4:24

What??! he took the risk on what!! Not the Matrix Reloaded-huh-huh, or LOTR (return of the king) huh-huh, T3! it must be T3! huh... still no cigar! Talk about adding insult to injury!!! The Hulk???, I'm not saying it was horrible, but I'm not saying it was good either. It was a letdown, rush job, piece together mistake, and Mr. Gonzales took a no brainer mistake on such a lowend film?! Its like robbing a Mom & Pop store, accidently killing them for $20 bucks in the register and invoking the death penalty for it, just to find out later that the $20 bucks when you open it says" Have you made Jesus lord in your Life?" Hmmmmm, his actions are those of a child, somewhere around 14-16 years of age. I hope they give more details on the matter. I wonder what his age really is??! All in all, what a waste of life over a silly movie that I would sneak out of to go watch the Matrix reloaded again.

198.7.2003 6:53

Hmmm. The biggest problem mentioned so far is that he took a risk on a 'bad' movie. So it would have been fine if it were a good one? I see a big difference between making a backup copy of a movie you own or making a custom cd with tracks from cd's you own and "ripping off the studio". Granted, I don't spend a lot of time here and don't know how most posts go but the general attitude in this case SEEMS to be that anything is OK as long as you can get away with it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

208.7.2003 11:41

Braim M I'm sorry, let me clarify, I was making light humor of the incident. The statement anything is ok if you can get away with it is indeed wrong. By default, we are all very intelligent people and we know the do's & don'ts of the field. I believe all of us at one point or another has pushed the envelope on issues and learned not to push those issues again. I.E, How foolish and stupid would it be to rob a bank? yet, if someone throws all logic to the wind & does so,then that individual should be made an example of & the punchline to every joke. No I am not sympathatic to the trouble Mr. Kerry got himself into to. If anyone takes the risk, they should indeed expect the consequences of their actions. Nuff said. For a Newbie, your very sharp.

219.7.2003 5:00

Thanks. And thanks for taking time to explain to me.

229.7.2003 23:32

HERE IS THE LIST THE 20,,, ??? WHERE IS THE HULK? 1 Titanic (1997) $1,234,600,000 - 2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) $651,100,000 - 3 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) $604,400,000 - 4 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The (2002) $577,400,000 10 5 Jurassic Park (1993) $563,000,000 - 6 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The (2001) $546,900,000 6 7 Independence Day (1996) $505,000,000 - 8 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) $491,314,983 - 9 Lion King, The (1994) $455,000,000 - 10 Matrix Reloaded, The (2003) $410,000,000 - 11 Spider-Man (2002) $403,000,000 - 12 Lost World: Jurassic Park, The (1997) $385,300,000 - 13 Sixth Sense, The (1999) $368,000,000 74 14 Armageddon (1998) $353,000,000 - 15 Forrest Gump (1994) $350,000,000 125 16 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) $337,600,000 - 17 Men in Black (1997) $337,100,000 - 18 Star Wars (1977) $337,000,000 9 19 Mission: Impossible II (2000) $330,000,000 - 20 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) $321,800,000 225 :) T3 (good)good) IS GOING SKY UPPPPPPPPPPP GUYS. WHY MR GONZALES did not wait for this one?? I don't know

2310.7.2003 9:43

QUAKEDS Its just as well, He would have gotten into deeper trouble. No, wait,if he was selling drugs he could have gotton into deeper trouble. No, wait, thats not true either, YEP! its certain, he's goose is cooked. I saw T3, and your right, its going up,up,up there, special effects were well done, along with the storyline. For those who havn't seen it, you should.

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