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DVD Shrink guide added

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Jun 2003 14:57 User comments (18)

We just finished our first DVD Shrink guide and put it online. The guide goes through how to back up a DVD-9 movie, including all the menus and extras, to a single DVD-/+R disc.
DVD Shrink is the first freeware compressed domain transcoding tool and can compete pretty well with its commercial counterparts and we believe that this guide is useful for quite many of our users. We'd like to thank our user Oriphus for providing the original draft and ideas for the guide.

The guide is here:

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18 user comments

129.6.2003 16:06

That's one of the finest 'How-To' articles I've ever seen! Clear-cut and very understandable, for one of the most popular and capable pieces of software available today. (We're SO lucky the author decided to develop past his version 1.03, which we had been led to believe would be the final issue). I hope the original DVD Shrink author takes note of this article, because IMHO it's quite worthy of being converted to .pdf format for inclusion with the archive itself. Job Well Done!!!

229.6.2003 17:10

I looked through it and it looks pretty good. However, is there a section on re-authoring. I presume that will be an add-on to the guide. I've compiled one along with BaaBaa on Record Now Max 4.50. Have a look at it here: Select Record Now Max. Let me know what you think. You may be able to convert it for use in the Afterdawn Guides like the DVD Shrink. You'll also see that i/we are working on a range of other guides. Chris

329.6.2003 17:12

Also in the bit of info above on it, you say competed instead of compete. Just thought id point it out

DVD Shrink is the first freeware compressed domain transcoding tool and can competed pretty well

430.6.2003 0:58

hi God dam EXCELLANT guide, that will be a great benifit to afterdawn users and myself! WELL DONE! Oriphus - pats on the back... keep up the great work... paul...

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

530.6.2003 1:43

Oriphus: The re-authoring part will be a separate guide (page imps.. ;-) and will get that online later on. And thanks for pointing out the typo, I try to remember to fix it :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

630.6.2003 10:36

Hey thanks for the offer but I already got some help from your new support people. Sure am glad you got rid of those other guys. My DVD Xperss is working perfectly again. Just one question regarding dvd xpress and dvd shrink. Are they compatable? Can I use shrink to compress the dual layer disc and then burn it with dvd xpress?

730.6.2003 11:14

bmhjdowen: Ummmmhhhh... What?! Didn't understand anything you said?

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

830.6.2003 11:35

drd - check out and see if you want it - BaaBaa and i compiled it

930.6.2003 11:48

Oriphus: Yep, we'll take a look and add it, but this one will probably take a while, we're seriously busy with couple of major projects right now. But much appreciated, as usual :-)

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

1030.6.2003 15:59

No probs, just trying to help out. Hope those projects end up making the sight better ;-)

111.7.2003 3:46

I actually discovered DVD Shrink while surfing some freeware sites looking for add ons for my DVD software. Shrink stills has a lot of bug in it. It seems to me it takes anlong time to encode a dvd and most of the time it is not successful. It has been my experience that it processes anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the files on your DVD then stops giving you an error message saying it has encountered a read problem in one of the files and can not continue. Is there any support info for this problem. I can't find the answers at the doom9 page.

121.7.2003 9:29

At least the author has (apparently) decided to keep updating/developing DVDShrink, while still maintaing it's FREE status! He seems to take all suggestions and questions seriously. (I sorta figured he'd have been involved with 321 Studios by now), but it seems he wishes to maintain an independant stance for Shrink. It's a Win-situation for us if he does.

132.7.2003 4:34

What a top guide this one is, 'The DVD Shrink guide for Dummies'. Thank you to all concerned for putting it together.

142.7.2003 13:19

What's a 'dee-vee-dee' ?? -- Perplexed --

152.7.2003 17:25

Where did u read that?

162.7.2003 22:59

hi all whats dee vee dee? Thx...

173.7.2003 0:36

A great big 12-inch kompact deesk??? (I theenks).

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