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Movie studios sue Chinese pirates

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 17 Jul 2003 16:16 User comments (11)

Major Hollywood studios have launched their first legal actions against pirates in mainland China. The MPA (international sibling of the MPAA) took action last September against several video pirates in China -- some of these cases have been since settled, some of them will go to court.
Under the settlement with two Chinese companies, companies agreed to pay $30,200 in damages, apologized and have agreed to destroy all illegal copies of MPA's member companies' products.

The pending law suits are against three companies and MPA has already tried to settle with the companies, but according to its spokesman, settlement in these cases is very unlikely to happen.

Source: Reuters

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11 user comments

117.7.2003 19:38

HAHA, ah well, their own fault what can i say?? ;-)

218.7.2003 3:18

For every pirate that goes down, ten more pops up! I come from HK, and like I said, piracy is too tough even for the cops to handle! I haven't bought any copies though... Honest!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

318.7.2003 5:40

Right they are going to stop counterfeiting! $30,000 is like 8 cents in that market today. I don't buy counterfeit, but I doubt that they can stop it. Regards to All! Rodgers

418.7.2003 6:36

Hey, I'm from HK as well and from the current situation over there, there are no PRACTICAL reasons for a chinese person to buy original software/movie/games. Plus, probably many Chinese people don't even know piracy is illegal. The difference is just so steep! ($50 USD to $1 USD) Not endorsing piracy in any way... just an input.

519.7.2003 19:09

Yeah, i've known people to go out there once a year just to buy a lot of pirated software. i dont support it, but if software prices weren't so high, there wouldnt be as big a problem. Think of the money they would make if they halved the price of their software.

619.7.2003 19:49

The software industry i really really support, the amount of work that goes into software is unreal and where would we be without it?? Buy the software so that it can continue to be made!

719.7.2003 19:56

I think you misunderstood me. I was saying that i dont support people who go out to china and buy the pirated software. I DO support the software industry and do buy/donate often, but i would like to see prices lowered a bit. Fr example DVD X Copy Xpress? come on guys, lower it a bit. Chris

819.7.2003 20:00

It wasnt directed at you it was in general!

919.7.2003 20:12

Ah right sorry. *bang* Oops just banged my massive head off the monitor. I thought it was directed at me. lol

1019.7.2003 20:15

lol nope, anyone reading, just giving my opinion!

1120.7.2003 9:05

Well, i traveled in Asia country, especially in Hong Kong area and Japan. The PIRATES about movies,music and others media files are all over asian countries.They will buy for very cheap. They dont care.

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