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Audio fingerprinter to team up with Universal Music

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Aug 2003 13:10 User comments (9)

Audible Magic develops tools to identify copyrighted music material, based on a "fingerprint" information that is unique per each and every song. According to Audible Magic their technology is able track songs distributed online and possible could be used for blocking illegal audio distribution. The source indicates that Audible Magic is about to close a deal with Universal, so that Universal Music will deliver the fingerprints of each title released directly to Audible Magic.
The new arrangement, expected to be announced Tuesday, will see Universal give Audible Magic a "fingerprint," or digital identification tool, for each song it releases, before albums are shipped to retailers. The company uses those fingerprints to identify copyrighted songs online or in other venues such as CD-manufacturing plants to help guard against unauthorized copying.
... "What it does is accelerate the time to get music into our database," Ikezoye said. "That's when piracy is the biggest problem--right around the release date."Well, I couldn't be more sceptic about this technology. It seems to be full of potential inaccuracies, like the fact that psycho acoustic compressors (such as MP3, AAC, Vorbis, MusePack) strogly alter the sound signal for an example. It also seems that it would be al too easy to go around this "finger print tracking" by wrapping the audio files inside another file format.

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9 user comments

113.8.2003 16:14

Errr.. right.... that's a really good idea!! WoW!!! Fingerprinting on cds! Cool! Hey let's fingerprint our shoes so they don't get stolen!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

213.8.2003 18:36

Hey they can finger print my ass right before they kiss it!

313.8.2003 22:36

Well, don't forget to run it through the scanner first, and email them the .jpg so they'll know what they're up against. <gg> [bleep-blurp-bloop .... del, erase, overstrike mode, backspace, cleansed, sanitized, vaccumned and all-tidied-up now. ] What any of this has to do with fingerprinted music files, I have no idea. (Sorry gentlemen! Carry on!) .....

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413.8.2003 22:56

Klingon: This website is intended to be fun for the whole family.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

513.8.2003 23:54

Right you are Lasse. (And it IS fun for the whole family too!). Great to 'see' you. R U being 'good'? :)

614.8.2003 4:37

I am being good, but based on your wicked experiments with e-chicks and scanners - you aren't :)

The old school is back. All hail the new !

714.8.2003 14:23

Dude you can't (fingerprint files once they're converted into another format. Look the music industry is jacking themselves up by going against the mp3 sharing culture.13yr olds are writing their own software, they grow up learning to beat the system, and the sytem consists of 30 yr olds +. Mp3 (or better ) is here to stay. Interesting on what will happen next.

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

814.8.2003 14:25

...e-chicks, long-distance love-affairs, and flat-bed scanners... Imagine the evil thoughts I was experiencing while locked away in the darkened depths of the a/D doghouse awhile back. :-) If 321 Studios releases something called DVD X Audio, I will have to send rjamorim a peace offering.

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916.8.2003 1:37

It is there,,, is somewhere,,, it is outt,,, jejeje,,,we do not have to way for dvd x audio,,,, just check it out jeje rima... dark rooms are ingenius....

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