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The N-Gage European Tour

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 12 Aug 2003 13:27 User comments (5)

The N-Gage European Tour Nokia has started the N-Gage promotional tour today. The first event took place in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. On the tour the N-Gage is demonstrated in action to the media and consumers. Also taking place is a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 contest, with a chance to win a trip to the grand final taking place in Paris.
The N-Gage is the first next generation hand held console. In addition to offering a high quality gaming experience, the N-Gage has a fully featured GSM cell phone built-in, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, audio player features, email protocol support for mobile communications and more.

The N-Gage is entering the market with no competition, as its features go far beyond the Nintendo’s GBA. Nokia has approximately a year to freely increase its market share, until the Sony Playstation Portable is released -- by the end of 2004. Sony has a whole lot of work to do before the product launch, as the PSP is currently in the planning stage.

As the retail release date is getting close, the is now accepting pre-orders.

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5 user comments

112.8.2003 15:25

N-Gage will never make it if these promises of the PSP are true.

212.8.2003 21:04

The N-Gage is ready, while the PSP is only talk and written words. Sony will have a hard time getting the PSP out to the market within the promised time table (before the end of 2004)

The old school is back. All hail the new !

313.8.2003 4:59

N-Gage appears to me to be something between a portable gaming machine and a light PDA. What about pricing? How much can we expect to pay for this thing?

416.8.2003 17:10

I heard it was gonna be $200-300 for that thing!! I don't think its gonna make it.

Free L-dubb!! Power to the people!!!

528.8.2003 19:02

i like the look and feel of the n-gage, and the features are worth the price. there's going to be some really nice stuff for the online gameplay as well, according to this article from last week or so: i've got one on preorder and couldn't be more excited to check it out!

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